Jonathan Majors has landed his first post-conviction film/TV role.

Deadline reports that Majors will star in supernatural thriller Merciless, directed by Denis Velleneuve‘s brother, Martin Villeneuve. This is Majors’ first role after being convicted on third degree assault and harassment.

The film follows a leading CIA agent named John who must take on a mysterious evil presence to save the love of his life. Frank Hannah serves as screenwriter. The film will start shooting this fall in Saskatchewan.

Villeneuve released a small statement about the film, as reported by Deadline. In the statement, Villeneuve says the film “intertwines themes of possession, revenge and personal justice within a haunting narrative.”

“It explores the psychological descent of John, played by Majors, and the supernatural forces challenging his sanity,” he said.

You might feel like it’s unexpected for the Loki star to try his luck at Hollywood stardom again, or at least so soon after his conviction. However, Hollywood clearly isn’t through with Majors’ yet, since he is set to receive the Perseverance Award at the Hollywood Unlocked Impact Awards June 21. The Hollywood Reporter writes that the organization, founded by Hollywood Unlocked CEO and social media celebrity Jason Lee, describes the award as one “given to an individual who has shown that no matter what adversity they face, they will continue to inspire.”

On top of that, Jonathan’s role in Merciless seems to be part of a larger initiative by one of the film’s producers and developers, Christopher Tuffin.

Deadline reports that Tuffin is creating a new “global media venture” that will make its biggest splash at the Toronto Film Festival. The venture is described by the outlet as “disruptive,” with Tuffin saying that his venture “refuses to let the court of public opinion and selective prosecution undermine great art and artists.”

“In graduate school, I had the good fortune to study screenwriting under Blacklist scribe Millard Lampell and learned from him the dangers of letting politics undermine due process and deprive artists of their careers,” he said. “I consider it an honor and a privilege to be working with Jonathan who is such a great talent now that this matter has been adjudicated.”

With Majors as Tuffin’s leading man in both the film and the venture, it gives some insight as to the type of stars’ careers Tuffin hopes he can rehabilitate in the eyes of consumers.