Kai Cenat is trying to get his friend and fellow streamer IShowSpeed unbanned from Twitch. The 18-year-old internet personality was banned from the platform in 2021 after making offensive comments during a livestream, according to Complex.

Cenat advocated for Speed to get unbanned during the Streamy Awards ceremony over the weekend. Both streamers went up to Twitch’s CEO, Dan Clancy, and asked him to reverse the decision.

“You gotta unban him,” Cenat said while Speed got on his knees in front of Clancy.

The CEO replied by saying he doesn’t have the app on his phone and couldn’t remedy the change at the moment.

“If he don’t unban Speed, he’s done,” Cenat added, looking straight into the camera.

Cenat had taken his friend’s defense prior to the Streamy Awards Ceremony.

“If Speed don’t get unbanned, I’m leaving. I said it,” he said in a livestream. “Nah I’m joking, I’m lying,” Cenat added, according to Dexerto.

The duo has collaborated on various occasions. They have a joint show, The Kai ‘N Speed Show, on the streaming platform Rumble, in which they try out various activities. They also recently put out a rap track and music video, “Dogs,” in which they are seen jet skiing, jumping in pools and hilariously barking to a sample to Baha Men’s 2000 song “Who Let The Dogs Out.”

Both Cenat and Speed were rewarded for their work during the Streamy Awards. Speed took home the Variety Streamer of the Year award, while Cenat won the Streamer of the Year award for the second time in a row.

“If you were to tell me that I’ll be winning this back-to-back years in a row, a few years ago, I would laugh and laugh and wouldn’t believe you, man,” he said in his acceptance speech. “But, from the subathon to AMP putting up a house together, to Japan. This year has been crazy!”