Karl-Anthony Towns, 27, and Jordyn Woods, 25, celebrated their third anniversary May 19. The happy couple has been a positive example of what an affluent young committed relationship should entail. The couple has been on several luxurious trips celebrating each other’s birthdays, Valentine’s and career wins. Towns believes the “most important thing” to him is positively impacting his and his girlfriend’s fans.

“People recognize us anywhere we go. I feel like everyone knows who Jordyn Woods is, so it’s really cool when we get to see new fans when we travel,” the Minnesota Timberwolves player told PEOPLE.

Towns said being a public couple is fun, especially, when both can witness fans’ admiration for one another. He shared how he has no problem hyping up his significant other by being the person to snap photos for Woods’ fans.

“Oh yeah, I’m the first to offer it because it’s really cool. It’s fun when you get photos taken with you, and then you’re taking the photos for her,” he said.

Towns is proud of the impact he and Woods have on their supporters. When asked if they are a “power couple,” Towns responds, “Oh, yeah, for sure.”

“I wouldn’t say it’s important to me to be a face of the NBA, but it’s very important to me to lead these young kids of the next generation in the right way,” the three-time all-star explained.

Towns was a basketball sensation long before he met Woods, and he was the first overall choice in the 2015 NBA Draft, but he recognizes that his relationship with Woods has drawn greater attention to him.

“I just want to continue to bring good into the world, so when the next generation takes over, they had a positive role model that they watched on TV or looked up to. I think that’s more important than anything — to push the world in a positive route,” he added.

Sierra Mist’s rebrand Starry has added Towns and LSU’s Angel Reese to the new roster of sponsored faces. Towns said that he’s grateful for brands like Starry which have given him a path to impact the next generation positively.

“I’m really blessed that Starry gives me, and Angel and Zion, a platform to show our personalities and the positive energy we bring to people’s lives,” he said.

He’s even more satisfied with the idea of Starry, including individuals like himself and Reese, who is “such a prominent face in women’s basketball right now.”

“Just to see how her career has blossomed and the success she’s found this year, it’s awesome. It’s really great to meet her, lend any wisdom I can, and just be a part of her journey,” he added when talking of Reese.