The season finale of Killer Relationship with Faith Jenkins features a seemingly loving family destroyed by murder.

According to the logline for the episode, “A Family Affair,” a family is torn apart by what appears to be a home invasion. But things are eventually not what they seem. “After 25 years of a mostly beautiful marriage, a woman loses her husband in a brutal killing right inside their own home,” states the logline. “What at first seems to be a robbery-gone-bad is revealed to be a vicious and carefully plotted murder.” Watch the exclusive clip from the episode, detailing the Blagg family’s move to New Mexico, below.

KRQE wrote about the case in 2018, citing that the murder was 12 years old by the time Stephanie Blagg pleaded guilty to the murder of her husband Darell. The 2006 murder was one of the cases covered in the Investigation Discovery series Scene of the Crime with Tony Harris. The series also discussed the men employed to complete the murder, how the crime scene was manipulated to lead detectives away from the truth, and why the murder was committed in the first place.

Killer Relationship with Faith Jenkins is part of Oxygen’s slate of true crime television, investigating why some of the nation’s biggest headlines occurred. According to the official description:

Killer Relationship with Faith Jenkins investigates burgeoning romances from their sweet beginnings, and follows what happened all the way through to their bitter endings. With her background as a criminal prosecutor in the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office, and with her expertise in matters of the heart, Faith Jenkins gives her professional POV of the nightmarish cases. With first-hand accounts from victims’ family, friends and law enforcement, each hour-long episode reveals the inner workings of intimate attachments that seemed fated to last forever and ended in murder.

Killer Relationship with Faith Jenkins airs Sunday at 7/6c on Oxygen.

Check out the clip below: