Kim Coles wants folks to know that Living Single isn’t just a show for Black audiences.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Coles recounted a time while she was starring on the show. She was at the bank, and a fan–an old Jewish man–came up to her.

“It was understood we had a Black audience and marketed to Black people,” she said. “Well, this cute little Jewish man came to me and started squeezing my arm. He was like, ‘Hey beautiful, how are ya? I’m from New York and you girls remind me of my time in Brooklyn.'”

“I know who that man was,” she continued. “I lived in Brooklyn, in a neighborhood that was predominately Jewish. He knew who I was; I knew who he was. I remember telling my friends, this Black show resonated with this man. So that really opened up my eyes. I would say to anyone, if you want to laugh, you’ll laugh.”

A lot has been said about Living Single‘s importance recently, particularly after David Schwimmer talked about wanting a Black remake of Friends, not realizing that Friends is the white remake of Living Single. Erika Alexander, who also starred on Living Single, has talked extensively about the relationship between it and Friends, explaining how Living Single wouldn’t get the same marketing as Friends’ all-white cast.


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