King Harris, son of musicians T.I. and Tameka “Tiny” Cottle Harris, recently shared that he had a run-in with the law, though he appears to be largely unfazed by the ordeal.

King, who celebrated his 18th birthday just last week, revealed the situation through his Instagram Story, as he unashamedly shared a photo of his mug shot.

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This was followed up with a video that essentially shows King ranting at his haters while enjoying a soak in the bathtub.

“Everybody that’s saying ‘N***a tryna be gangsta,’ n***a I ain’t ask for the police to pull me over, y’all b***h-ass n***as,” he proclaimed.

“Another thing! When was it said that gangstas have to do this with police? Y’all stop this s**t,” he added. “Gangsta or not, Black or white or not, it don’t matter. The police pull ya ass over, you’re pulled over. You ain’t gotta be gangsta.”

Later that night, he also suggested that he was bothered about “lame-ass blogs” sharing the news of his arrest without providing promo for his latest project.

“All y’all lame-ass blogs, how about y’all post that music video [I] just dropped? Y’all wanna post a n***a going to jail and s**t, how about you post that new video?” he inquired.

We also have to address some post-and-deletes that King shared about his arrest, as he uploaded another picture that shows him “flipping the bird,” accompanied by the caption, “I’m bacc F**K 12!!!!!!”

In another now-deleted upload, King revealed that he was hit with a total of four charges; while viewers can hear his passenger say that she was given a citation for not wearing a seat belt, it’s unclear what King was charged with.

“A lil minor set bacc fa a major come bacc f**k em,” he wrote beneath the video.

Notably, this incident comes just a few months after King got into a verbal back-and-forth with a cook at a fast-food establishment; this went down around the time he graduated from high school, as Blavity previously reported.


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However, these instances are far from the only times this second-generation rapper has gotten himself caught up in some trouble.

In 2021, a video started circulating that showed the then-16-year-old nearly getting into a physical altercation, and one user even speculated that he was “about to air that s**t out.”

Additionally, less than one year earlier, another video circulated showed King getting into a fight with a peer in a high school restroom. The scuffle was allegedly over the student wearing a hoodie that featured Kodak Black, who the Harris family has feuded with in the past, according to theJasmineBRAND.

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