Shadow And Act’s latest podcast episode of Opening Act features Call Me Kat and The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder star Kyla Pratt. In the interview with Shadow and Act’s Trey Mangum, Pratt talked about what it’s been like acting during the coronavirus shutdown and people revisiting One on One

Pratt said it’s been “amazing” to see people rediscover the show, which is now streaming on Netflix.

“I grew up on that show so I love rewatching that show. It reminds me of certain things in my childhood. So, to be able to click it on right now is a weird feeling,” she said, admitting that she used to ask for VHS tapes of the episodes while filming.

“Being able to watch it now and see it now and now to have people contact me via social media, telling me that their 8-year-olds are in love with The Proud Family and One on One, it’s weird,” she said. “People are always going to think that I’m that age because they watched it at that time…It’s a great feeling, [those are] my teenage years. I had so much fun shooting it with everybody.”

Like most successful series on UPN, One on One faced growing pains once UPN began its trajectory with The WB to make The CW. Although One on One ended before The CW fully debuted, Pratt noted that the show was making changes in preparation for that. Pratt said that the last season, which was a soft reboot focusing on Breanna Barnes’ time in college, was an attempt at the network trying to make “the One on One remix.”

“It was kinda awkward because the family I had developed over the past four years was no longer there,” she said. “…I know that it had been done on shows before…so I was just trying to go with the flow with it, and the cast we did bring in were all sweet people, all talented people, so I’m like, Okay, let’s see how this goes…I was put in an awkward position without knowing I was put in an awkward position…I used to try to sit back and imagine what it would have been like if they had kept it the same.”

Listen to the full episode below:

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