Yeat, an up-and-coming rapper straight out of Portland, Oregon, recently unveiled his sixth studio album, dubbed 2 Alivë. The 21-year-old rapper decided to host a listening event at The Roxy, a popular music venue in Los Angeles, to celebrate this noteworthy accomplishment.

However, when the night of the listening party came around, a wave of fans attempted to enter the concert without tickets. As a result of the commotion, the LAPD ultimately decided to shut down the event.

Yeat appeared to be largely unbothered despite the concert cancellation and in high spirits. He even notably promised fans a "part 2" to make up for the shutdown show.

"Y'all insane 😂😂😂 [Shut] da shyt down NEWS pulled up we #TRËNDY we gone do a part 2 don't worry," the rapper wrote on his Instagram Story.

Yeat also shared a video that a concertgoer took from the event, showing a massive crowd outside The Roxy as a police chopper arrived on the scene.

It's unclear when exactly Yeat plans on putting on "part 2" of his performance, and he hasn't further spoken on the matter via social media.

Yeat began releasing music in 2018 and has consistently put out new work ever since. Last year, he gained more recognition releasing three studio albums in 2021 alone. 

He's considered a rising rapper that high-profile stars like The Weeknd are bumping his music.

His latest project, 2 Alivë, has 20-tracks and features Gunna, Young Thug, and Yung Kayo. Such a star-studded list of collaborations signifies Yeat's status as a growing presence within the rap world. He's been promoting his album online since it dropped this past Friday.