It is no secret Teyana Taylor is a multi-talented artist. The 32-year-old announced her latest achievement; she recently became Latto’s new creative director. She took to Instagram to share the news following the “Big Energy” rapper’s Coachella performances.


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“I am truly a proud AUNTEYYYYYYYYYYYYY Latto you did ya big one both weekends,” she captioned her most recent post. “I’m so proud of your growth, willingness to be a student to better your craft and your dedication! I’m so excited for the journey ahead with you as your CD.”

Taylor shared she completed her fourth show as Latto’s creative director, and more is to be expected.

“Super proud of the whole team for making both weekends of Coachella magical; love y’all!!” Taylor added.

The multi-hyphenate is starting her new role with The Aunties Production ⁠— a women-run production company she co-launched with Courtney Gilbert. Since its debut, the company has been behind the scenes with music videos for artists like Queen Naija, producing campaigns for fashion retailer PrettyLittleThing.

Taylor and Latto previously worked together on the set for Latto’s campaign with the clothing company in 2021.

“We should talk about how genius it is that Teyana Taylor figured out a way to open up doors for herself as a creative in the industry,” reporter Njera Perkins tweeted following the announcement of Taylor’s new role. “Starting her production company was one of the best decisions for her career and *this* is proof of that. These two are going to make magic.”

Taylor retired from making music in 2020 following the release of her last project, The Album, according to HotNewHipHop.

“I gotta do it for my mental health,” she said. “I have to do it for my emotional health. I have to do it for my kids, so I can stay alive for my kids. Until I’m free, until I can get [Def Jam] to release me, yes I want to retire.”

Taylor recently appeared on stage during Usher’s Las Vegas residency. She is also starring in the critically-acclaimed feature film A Thousand and One and the upcoming reboot of White Men Can’t Jump.