Who would have guessed that LeBron James would delve into horror? The NBA superstar-turned-Hollywood mogul is flexing his producing muscle with Friday the 13th.

According to Bloody Disgusting, James’ Springhill Entertainment is speaking with Vertigo Entertainment about producing a Friday the 13th reboot. James is a big horror buff, particularly when it comes to Jason Voorhees.

As he told ESPN last year, “…I’m a huge horror fan. I love horror movies. Obviously Friday the 13th being Jason Voorhees day, I think it’s cool. I remember as a kid on Friday the 13th right when I got home from school, my mother and I, we would just watch horror movie after horror movie after horror movie. It’s crazy because now my kids love horror movies too.”

With James being such a Voorhees fan, a reboot of the classic horror property might be in good hands. It’ll also add more credence to the burgeoning trend of bringing back classic properties. The recent release of Halloween has swept the box office, earning $77.5 million domestically this weekend according to CNN, becoming the best opening in the franchise’s history and the second biggest horror debut.