On the heels of Black Panther and Spider-Man: Into The SpiderVerse, Lee Daniels, who has directed films like Precious and Monster’s Ball, seems intent to be the next director to leave his stamp on the superhero genre. 

He announced that he plans to direct a superhero film starring actor and comedian Destiny Hilton. Daniels announced this in an Instagram post on Tuesday. For those unfamiliar, Hilton has become a viral sensation for his SuperB***h videos.

An alter ego concocted by Hilton, SuperB***h showcases incredible martial art skills on the street of Southeast D.C.

Daniels reflected on the reality of making a superhero flick featuring a gay Black superhero lead, noting in his Instagram post that he never thought it was possible 10 years ago.


While no official announcement has come yet, Daniels determined to make this happen. Hilton’s videos have gotten lots of attention in the press since he went viral, so expect to see more of him.


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