If you thought Lee Daniels already had enough projects in development, think again. Here’s another.

On ESSENCE‘s Yes Girl podcast, Daniels, who was a featured guest with Empire‘s Jussie Smolett, says he is working on a series that will focus on black women in journalism.

He said, “I’m so misunderstood and it drives me batshit. So let me just take a moment to flip the table. It’s (the series) about black journalism, women in journalism.”

While he wouldn’t reveal too much, he did say, “I can’t talk about it, but it’s two people you know. We’ve even talked about one of them today.”

Hmm…this does make us wonder. He didn’t say if the project was in development at Fox, where he has an overall deal. He has two shows on the network, Empire and Star. 

At this point, we’ve honestly lost count of Daniels’ projects in development, but they include:

  • Victory, a gospel choir drama, with Julian Breece
  • East of Hope, a “multi-racial” soap
  • Mason Dixon, unlikely alliance shakes up comminity divided by race and class with Julian Breece
  • An untitled culture-clash comedy with Modern Family EP Vali Chandrasekaran
  • A Richard Pryor biopic

..and that’s all we can think of for now, but I’m sure we’ve missed some.

Have you checked out the Empire or Star season premieres? What did you think?