Lil Baby recently launched his For the People Foundation, a nonprofit organization amid the rapper’s efforts to give back to the community. One of the projects includes opening up a music class at several HBCUs. The rapper has partnered with companies such as Apple to help him with the rollout, he told XXL.

“I got a nonprofit called For the People Foundation. I teamed up with someone else, and we’re going to open up a music class in different HBCUs,” Lil Baby said. “It’s definitely going to be something super, super big. And it’s actually going to roll out, like, everywhere. I’m going to do some things with Apple and different services and stuff, so you’ll definitely see it.”

The Atlanta native is also building a small community center in his neighborhood.


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Lil Baby also has several artistic projects coming up. He shared he is releasing an album this summer but hasn’t disclosed an official date. Lil Baby is currently on tour and will be performing in 24 cities across the country. Supporting acts include GloRilla, Hunxho, an Atlanta artist on the rise, and Rylo, for whom this marks his first tour.

“Glo [is] really for the girls. I want to make sure I tap into the females,” he said.



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“Touring is super important to me,” Lil Baby said. “At first, I didn’t really understand it, but as I continue to tour and, my tours continue to get bigger and bigger, and it’s more profitable and gives my fans a better experience. Touring is definitely a main part that you don’t want to miss. But a lot of artists do miss it, I see. Touring is definitely one of those steps you don’t want to miss.”

The rapper also recently announced the release of his manga, co-produced with AXE. Entitled Shonen Baby, it’s a play on his stage name and a reference to the “shonen” genre of Japanese manga geared toward teenage boys (think One Piece, Naruto and My Hero Academia).

“The Shonen part means a bunch of action, a bunch of adventure,” the rapper said.