Lil Rel Howery said he’s happy that films like The Photograph are showing men holding other men accountable.

“You watch films where it’s kind of this boys club thing where you accept people doing BS, cause you a guy just doing a guy thing,” he said after referencing how his character Kyle has to let his younger brother Michael (LaKeith Stanfield) know about his errors in his relationship with Mae (Issa Rae).

“I think it’s cool especially when it comes to Black men, and especially in this family, we are holding each other accountable like, ‘Nah bro, you gotta get it together.’ That don’t mean you’re a terrible person. You got a good job, you cool, but you’re making some mistakes and you’re hurting people while doing it. So holding another brother accountable–I think the more we see that on film, it’s pretty dope.”

Watch the video below to learn more about Howery’s role, including how the inspiration he got from his parents’ relationship helped in his portrayal of the relationship between Kyle and his wife Asia (Teyonah Parris). Also, learn why this role is Howery’s favorite role to date.


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