A clip of actor Todd Bridges’ appearance on Little House on the Prairie is going viral. From the episode, The Wisdom of Solomon”, teacher Miss Beadle asks the class to write an essay about the things they “dislike the most.”

Solomon (Bridges) uses this moment to announce to the class that he dislikes “being a n****r.”

In a later scene, Solomon explains his answer to Charles Ingalls (Michael Landon) and asks him if he would like to live to be 100. I’m sure I would,” Ingalls says in response to Solomon’s question. It’s not very likely… I guess all of us would like to live to a ripe old age.”

However, when Solomon asks Ingalls if he would rather be black and live to be 100 or white and live to be 50, the latter chooses to walk out the door.

The clip has received a ton of responses on Twitter. Many people brought up how the show was always good for bringing up social issues and incorporating social commentary.

Melissa Gilbert, who starred on the show as Laura Ingalls Wilder. Also responded to the clip going viral:



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