Some Love & Hip Hop fans are still debating Yandy Smith-Harris’ punishment for her foster daughter Infinity. Fans recall a few seasons ago, Smith-Harris introduced Infinity as a troubled teen who needed guidance and refuge from her home. Many have watched as the VH1 reality star began the process to legally adopt Infinity and keep her on a straight path.

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At the time of Infinity coming to live with Smith-Harris’ family, her husband Mendeecees was serving an extended prison sentence. Questions regarding whether or not Infinity would be welcomed with open arms by Infinity upon his release and allowed to stay lingered, especially after it was made public that not only was Mendeecees not fully on board with a teenager living in-home with his and Smith-Harris’ young children – but there was also the notion that due to his criminal record, a judge may not approve Infinity to be with the family.

As it turns out, neither played a part in Infinity not currently living with the family. Viewers learned in recent episodes that Infinity and Smith-Harris have been estranged over Smith-Harris’ disapproval of Infinity having a relationship with an older person. In addition to Smith-Harris not liking their age, she also accuses them of leaking false stories to the blogs about her in an attempt to defame her character because she’s not on board with their relationship.

According to Smith-Harris, she gave Infinity an ultimatum: end the relationship or be kicked out. Infinity chose the latter. Still, Infinity believes the punishment was unfair and was even more disheartened after Mendeeces posted a holiday message and photos to Instagram that excluded Infinity.

Many agree that Smith-Harris’ punishment was harsh.

But Smith-Harris isn’t backing down, debunking the myth that she “gave” Infinity back to her natural family.

Smith-Harris responded to a fan on Instagram, writing, “Give her back?! WHAT?!! First of all, she’s not an item. She’s a person. A person I love. She went to college. That’s first! Silly. Then second when she aged out of foster care she made the grown decision to continue to live her life as a woman making her own decisions that were outside of my rules. She is forever welcome in my family.”

She continued, “Stop with the negative s–t. Y’all know there are feelings and people attached to the situations you speak of. You do know we occasionally read comments…stop talking to us like we’re emotionless objects. That’s for all that speak on her. Be kind or you will be blocked. That’s my baby even if she’s grown and out from under my roof.”