Fans have questions as it appears all in the Smith-Harris household has been mended and blended once again. Love & Hip Hop viewers are familiar with the contentious relationship between Yandy Smith-Harris and the other two mothers, Samantha Wallace and Erika DeShazo of her husband Mendeecees Smith’s children. For several seasons, the three women bickered over them alleging Smith-Harris had no boundaries when it came to her role as their children’s stepmother. They also accused Yandy of disrespecting them.

Mendeecees’ pending eight-year prison sentence also did not make things easier. He worried about having access to his children, with Samantha being opposed to having their son Little Mendeecees visit his father in prison. Mendeecees also worried about his children not being able to spend time with one another due to issues with their mothers.

Erika on the other hand was resentful of Yandy. She claimed Yandy’s relationship with Mendeecees overlapped with hers. Yandy at one point made hurtful comments about Ericka’s son Aasim being a mistake, which pissed Mendeecees off. Erika also said that Yandy became pregnant shortly after she did by Mendeecees and their sons are just 10 months apart. Per Erika, Yandy tried keeping their children away from one another. The women continued bickering even offline. It was later revealed that Samantha and Erika plotted to take Yandy down and destroy her character on the show.

Luckily, all women appear to have put their drama behind them. Recently, Little Mendeecees shared images on social media of him with his father, siblings, Erika, Samantha, and Yandy. “Nun more important than family,” he captioned the photo, as reported by Atlanta Black Star. The family reunited for Little Mendeecees birthday celebration. 

Social media reactions are split. Some are rejoicing that all are potentially co-parenting in peace while others are not convinced they are one big happy family. “I really love to see family work it out for the kids,” one user commented. “Hmmmm for the kids’ sake, I hope all is well with their union another wrote. 

“NOT THEY USED TO HATE YANDY! No but fr they hated her baddddddddd,” one wrote. “They still hate her they all look miserable except yandy,” another chimed in with laughing emojis.