The inaugural season finale of Love Island Games declared Justine Ndiba and Jack Fowler as the victors, and they earned not only each other’s love but also a substantial $100,000 prize. This triumph marks Ndiba as a two-time winner, having previously claimed the top spot on Love Island USA Season 2 in 2020, where she secured a $50,000 cash prize.

“I wouldn’t have been able to get here without Jack,” Ndiba said after she was presented with the option of keeping or splitting the cash prize with Fowler. “My family could really use this.”

.However, the seasoned 30-year-old reality TV star demonstrated her presence on the show went beyond mere participation in the game.

“I just feel like the connection I felt with Jack this time was a lot more real than the last time,” she said, disclosing that she felt somewhat betrayed by her previous Love Island USA partner, Caleb Corprew. “(Fowler) had a rough time in here, and I feel like we both really deserve it, so I’m going to split it.”

“Money is not everything. Just to be here with you doing this is more than that,” Fowler told Ndiba.

Ndiba and Fowler emerged victorious, surpassing the runner-up couple Aurelia Lamprecht (Season 4 of Love Island Germany) and Johnny Middlebrooks (Season 2 of Love Island USA), as well as finalists Deb Chubb (Season 4 of Love Island USA) and Callum Hole (Season 4 of Love Island Australia).

The final showdown featured a competitive inflatable jousting ring, where the three men finalists and three women finalists battled head-to-head. The two couples with the highest wins advanced to the ultimate face-off.

The Peacock spinoff, Love Island Games, premiered earlier in the month, spanning 19 episodes with a rotating cast of all-star contestants from previous Love Island series across the U.S., U.K., Australia, Sweden, France and Germany.