Love Island USA Season 6’s latest, episode 24, delved into the aftermath of a pivotal recoupling ceremony, stirring up drama and speculation among the contestants.

In a conversation, Leah Kateb and Miguel Harichi discussed their evolving dynamics after Miguel returned to the villa with Sierra Mills, despite his interest in both her and Leah. Miguel expressed his intentions, stating, “I want to get to know both of them more.”

What did Miguel say about Serena and Kordell’s relationship and what Kordell said about Daia?

Their conversation also touched upon Kordell Beckham and Serena Page’s relationship (as well as his recoupling with Daia McGhee), with Miguel saying that “90% of the time he kept saying to her, ‘If you come back with me, how would you feel if I get back with Serena?’ And she said ‘I’d be fine with that.'”

The conversation later became a point of contention as Leah seemingly unintentionally misquoted Miguel to Serena, causing confusion and tension among the islanders.

Fans took to social media to voice their opinions on Leah’s role in the unfolding drama.

One viewer tweeted, “Leah really stood on the 90%,10% thing as if she heard it out of Kordell’s mouth whole time she misconstrued what Miguel said 😭 #loveislandusa.”

Tensions rose as Serena confronted Miguel and Kordell over Leah’s misinterpretation of Miguel’s comments, not realizing the context. Leah was also confused, not understanding how everything was taken out of proportion. Leah and Kordell agreed to disagree before hugging, and Serena and Miguel also came to a similar understanding. and apologized as well.

One of the frontburner storylines on the series right now is Kordell apparently regretting his decision to recouple with Daia in Casa Amor, as he has stated multiple times that he is there for Serena and wants her.

Love Island USA airs each night (except for Wednesdays) at 9 p.m. on Peacock.