The second half of Love & Marriage: D.C. season 2 on OWN is underway and the drama is thick between the women. Ashley and Erana are having a rift in their friendship, just after Ashley finally gives Erana the long-awaited friend title. Joi can’t seem to catch a break with Ashley and is confused about where all of the contention is coming from. Meanwhile, Winter is playing peacemaker this season, despite her own ill-fated run-ins with Ashley Silva in the past. 

In the upcoming episode, the couples leave for Winter’s Valentine’s ski trip. The couples have a good time riding the bus together, but the Petties opt to make their own way and stay elsewhere. Things get even more awkward at the group dinner when Quick brushes off Clifton.

In a preview clip, Winter invites the group for a ski weekend getaway and everyone thought they’d be getting their own bathroom, and hilarity ensues. “We got one bathroom that we have to share,” Erana says in disbelief in her confessional alongside her hubby, Jamie. “I knew it was a set-up,” Jamie adds. According to Erana, Winter has some explaining to do after she promised the couples there were full bathrooms in every room. Winter pulls a fast one and tells her boyfriend to close their bedroom door so that Erana doesn’t see the luxury they have, noting, “This is like an apartment.”

Watch the clip below. The episode airs Saturday night at 8 p.m. on OWN.