An episode of Love & Marriage: Huntsville never lacks drama. This season the relationship between cousins Keke Jabbar and LaTisha Scott has been on the rocks. The two are barely speaking because of rumors of LaTisha’s husband Marsau Scott’s infidelity. Keke feels like she is trying to be there for her cousin, while LaTisha feels that Keke is just being messy. Most recently, Keke threw a drink on LaTisha at a family party and all hell broke loose. The pair is no closer to a reconciliation, but Keke does not feel bad for her actions.

The relationship between Keke and LaTisha may not ever be the same. Keke admitted in her confessional that it would be unhealthy for her and LaTisha to try and repair their relationship at this point. Things have only intensified since Keke threw the drink.

After being escorted out of the Scotts’ home, accusations about Keke’s drug use were mentioned by Marasau, who admittedly doesn’t believe Keke is currently sober based on her current actions. Melody Shari told Keke and her husband Ameen about the conversation. The married couple didn’t appreciate the conversation being brought up, nor Marsau making jokes about Keke’s past use.

Melody tells Keke she hates that the cousins are in such a bad place. While Keke says she shouldn’t have reacted by throwing a drink at her cousin in a moment of frustration, she says her frustrations are valid.

“I wish there was some kind of way I could tap into my psyche the moment I react in a rage,” Keke tells Melody. “I am in therapy now but I’m just starting, so we’re just getting to my anger management problems. I really don’t know how to curtail that…what happened with Tisha, although it was wrong for me to do it, I don’t deny that. It was wrong. I don’t have remorse for where we are, but I have remorse for what I did.”


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