Love & Marriage: Huntsville viewers are familiar with the rollercoaster marriage of Melody Shari and Martell Holt. the two have been divorced for nearly four years now, but the saga continue, primarily via Holt. He was recently found guilty of domestic violence via threatening communications for threatening to publicly share an intimate video between him and Shari online. Before that, viewers watched Holt continue to harass Shari in various ways. But he’s finally found himself in hot water with production.

Season 6 showcases the fallout from his arrest. It also addresses public claims he made regarding the show being produced and him being forced to do certain things to try and speak with Shari on camera. Production has denied such and Shari recently addressed her feelings about her ex seemingly falsifying stories for his own gain, noting she wanted him fired from the show.

Melody Shari admits she wanted her ex fired from ‘LAMH’

Holt claims in the one scene he shot with Shari last season, he was forced to bring her flowers and that producers orchestrated the scene to make it appear he wanted a better co-parenting relationship with her. They share four minor children but they have no interaction, neither on the show or off. Shari made it clear that moving forward positively is not an option for her due to Holt’s history of harassing her behind the scenes.

Show producer Carlos King claims Holt lied on production and says it was he was the one who asked for a meeting with Shari. The latter confirmed such. 

“My reaction was: He gotta go,” she said during a live taping of the Reality With the King podcast. “I felt sorry for you [King] because I know, too, how much you care about the show, how much you work on the show as well…and me knowing I had just gotten 10 dozen roses a few months before that sent to my home from him, like stop it.”

“Nobody told you to send me 10 dozen roses,” Shari added. “So I hated that he did it that way and made it seem as if you told him to do that. I didn’t for once feel like you told him to do that. The reason I felt he gotta go is because outside of my personal feelings because of the attacks that I received – the show as a whole, whenever you have him, his significant other….talking about and sharing information pertaining to scenes…and it had to come from him…it’s just a lot…and at some point, when do you start making people take accountability for their role?”