Firstline Brands has partnered with artist and entrepreneur Ludacris and his daughter, Karma, for their new “innovative” hair care line for young girls and tweens.

Karma’s World Satin Sleep Collection will launch under Camryn’s BFF brand for girls and tweens. Like father, like daughter — this partnership opens the door for Karma to have a budding entrepreneurial company with Firstline Brands’ support.

The new hairline collection stems from the animated Netflix show Karma’s World, which is executive produced by Ludacris and inspired by his eldest daughter Karma’s childhood. The animated show focuses on 10-year-old Karma Grant, an aspiring musician who is a talented Black girl sharing her day-to-day encounters at home and school.

Firstline Brand is known as the leading textured hair accessory company in the U.S., and the collaboration will serve as an avenue to create innovative high-quality haircare and accessories. It also introduces healthy hair care in young girls.

Karma’s World Satin Sleep Collection is a pioneering licensing agreement between 9 Story Media Group, Karma’s World and Firstline Brands. The co-vice president of 9 Story Brands, Kyra Halperin, said the new launch would serve as a representative, inclusive brand that will align with the hit Netflix series.

“We’re excited to partner with Firstline Brands to expand the Karma’s World universe. 9 Story Media Group’s main goal is to align with brands that speak to the representation and inclusive storytelling embedded within the groundbreaking series,” Halperin said.


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“Firstline’s new product offering of Karma’s World Satin Sleep collection of bonnets and pillowcases is truly innovative, and we can’t wait for kids to see it,” Halperin continued.

The Karma’s World Satin Sleep Collection by Camryn’s BFF will feature satin bonnets and pillowcases made with nonabrasive and high-quality satin.

“We immediately recognized how closely aligned Karma’s World is to Firstline’s values for Camryn’s BFF,” Joni A. Odum, President and CEO of Firstline Brands said. “What I love about this partnership is the opportunity to combine our expertise in developing elevated haircare accessories and tools with Karma’s lovable and confident personality. Positive, colorful, bold and beautiful like Karma, the assortment educates girls and tweens about healthy haircare practices that are incredibly important as they come of age.”