"Strike a Pose"The Panorama main program of the Berlin International Film Festival which kicks off next month, includes "Strike a Pose," a feature documentary from Ester Gould and Reijer Zwaan, which makes it premiere at the Berlinale.

The story courtesy of the filmmakers: In 1990, seven young male dancers joined Madonna on her most controversial world tour – her "Blonde Ambition" world tour. Their journey was captured in her rockumentary, "Truth or Dare." As a self-proclaimed "mother" to her six gay dancers plus straight Oliver, Madonna used the film to make a stand on gay rights and freedom of expression. The dancers became paragons of pride, inspiring people all over the world to dare to be who you are. Twenty-five years later, the dancers share their own stories about life during and after the tour. What does it really take to express yourself?

The feature documentary was selected for the 2014 IDFA Bertha Fund, formerly known as the Jan Vrijman Fund, which supports documentary filmmakers and festivals in developing countries. Its goal is to stimulate local film cultures and to turn the creative documentary into a truly global film art.

In January 1992, three of the "Blonde Ambition" dancers – Oliver Crumes, Kevin Stea and Gabriel Trupin – filed a lawsuit against Madonna. The suit claimed that their privacy had been invaded during the filming of "Truth or Dare." I suppose this bit of info will be addressed in "Strike a Pose." 

The "Truth or Dare" rockumentary followed Madonna on the road, behind the scenes with her "Blonde Ambition" family of backup singers and dancers, and is still considered groundbreaking for it’s candid, matter-of-fact depiction of the private lives of her seven dancers, six of whom were gay.

No trailer yet. But it’s a film that we’ll likely be writing more about in the future, as it travels.

This year’s Berlin International Film Festival runs from February 11 – 21.