Marque Richardson, who portrays Reggie on Dear White People has been upped to series regular for the Netflix series’ second season.

It may be a surprise that Richardson was even a recurring cast member. He appeared in about every episode and was the subject of the critically-acclaimed fifth episode of the season, which was directed by Barry Jenkins.

The series also stars Logan Browning, Brandon P. Bell, Antoinette Robertson, DeRon Horton and Ashley Blaine Featherson. It follows them through their struggles as black students at a predominantly white university.

Browning plays the lead role originated by Tessa Thompson in the film – Samantha White, a biracial film major at the fictional Winchester University, a prestigious PWI. Her radio show ‘Dear White People’ lands her a spot in a campus political movement. Several black student groups want her as their spokesperson, but Sam is still learning to speak for herself.

Richardson’s Reggie is Sam’s right-hand man and on-and-off love interest.

H/T: Deadline