The doctors and doctors’ wives are back! After a highly anticipated return, Married to Medicine’s 10th season will premiere on Bravo on Nov. 5 Episodes will be available for next-day streaming on Peacock. OGs Dr. Jackie Walters, Dr. Simone Whitmore, Dr. Heavenly Kimes, Toya Bush-Harris, and Quad Webb still have their spot. They are joined by controversial RHOA alum Phaedra Parks, and to many fans’ intruge and surprise, Lateasha Lunceford, the new wife of Dr. Gregory Lunceford, who was previously married to Quad. The super trailer shows that it’s a lot to delve into for their 10th anniversary as one of the most popular shows on Bravo.

Phaedra Parks, Esq., acrimonious exit from RHOA remains legendary and the lawyer turned funeral home director is now ready to make her medicinal mark with a holistic wellness center. From the trailer, she’s dating a heart doctor, and he’s keeping her heart racing. She’s close friends with Quad.

New cast member Lateasha Lunceford is the soon-to-be wife of Dr. Gregory Lunceford. Fans remember Dr. G’s desire to start a family, and there’s talk of babymaking with the love birds. But with a 20-year age difference, is it possible? Fans are interested in seeing how she’ll fare with the cast with Quad around. But from the trailer, Dr. Simone is a fan.

Dr. Alicia Egolum is a dentist and friend of Dr. Heavenly. But unlike her relationship expert friend, she’s ready to walk away from dentistry and focus on family. 

According to an official logline provided by Bravo: The women are back and serving season 10 realness. The ladies are all looking to make a fresh start with new friendship dynamics and putting old rivalries to rest. Dr. Jackie is busy balancing her businesses and, with a special celebrity patient in their final trimester, she is working hard while also making time for family and friends as the peacemaker in the group. Dr. Simone and Cecil have put their dreams of being authors on hold and are now looking at the potential of having both of their sons move back home full-time despite Dr. Simone’s desire to maintain her empty-nester status. Dr. Heavenly is working on her unfiltered demeanor while not being ready for Alaura to be college-bound and out of ATL. Toya is diligently working on her marriage with Dr. Eugene and focusing on expanding her wine club business. Miss Quad is still working on nurturing her friendships with the ladies while the women are still looking for her to take accountability. Phaedra is making new friends, as well as a name for herself, in the world of holistic medicine while extending her Reiki expertise to the group to mend the broken relationships between Quad and the ladies. Lateasha is making sure her voice is heard and, while building a new sisterhood with the ladies, is ready to walk down the aisle with Dr. Gregory Lunceford despite the judgment and criticism from some in the friend group. Meanwhile, new friend Dr. Alicia is pivoting her career from dentistry to a full-time mompreneur. With so many life changes and drama at a fever pitch, will the ladies be able to get past the pettiness?

Check out the trailer below: