Sweet Tea made her Married to Medicine debut this season and has been a trending topic every week. The new wife of Dr. Gregory Lunceford came into the fold with her Texas flair and refused to be intimidated by her seasoned co-stars. Initially, she was friendly with Dr. Heavenly Kimes, but things quickly soured amid her wedding planning after the dentist made comments about Sweet Tea’s pending nuptials that weren’t appreciated. Of course, as the season airs, old feelings resurface and are heightened by social media commentary. After Season 10, episode 8, some of the cast took to Instagram Live to discuss what took place, and the former friends engaged in a toxic war of words. Here’s what went down that’ll surely be followed up with at the reunion special.

The season has followed Sweet Tea’s desire to start a family. Unfortunately, she received news that her journey can be made difficult by uterine fibroids and endometriosis. Before the episode aired, Dr. Heavenly made comments about Sweet Tea luring Gregory in with the promise of having a baby while seemingly knowing it may not be possible, at least naturally. Sweet Tea, 32, denies such. Gregory’s longing for a family has been known since season 1 when he was married to his first wife, Quad Webb. Gregory is over years Sweet Tea’s senior. But things came to a head during the recent Instagram Live.

Joined by Phaedra Parks and Toya Bush-Harris, the co-stars tried mediating, but the screaming match couldn’t be contained. For nearly 10 minutes, Sweet Tea and Heavenly hurled insults at one another – and sometimes went too far.

When Heavenly said Sweet Tea looks older than her age, she shot back, calling Heavenly a grandma. “Who married to they grandaddy, you got a problem girl,” Heavenly said to Sweet Tea. Gregory is older than Sweet Tea’s parents. “Girl, please,” Sweet Tea shot back. “You had three kids and act like a little 3-year-old, go back to bed, it’s your nap time.”

“You can go to hell,” Heavenly yelled later. “Yo mama there,” Sweet Tea snapped back. “My mama is dead,” Heavenly responded, with Sweet Tea warning, “Don’t play with me.”

Heavenly claimed Gregory would easily go back to Quad if he had the chance. Quad took to Instagram to shoot down any speculation that she has had any contact with Gregory since their divorce. “Quad could take him tomorrow, let’s not f*** with that!” Heavenly claimed. “Can’t no bitch on the show take my man, you wanna talk about somebody old, you old!  You 32 and you look older than all of us, you act older, I can have kids. Go worry about that man you got it, because I heard he calling Quad,” Heavenly added. “He’s probably on the phone with her right now.”

Heavenly went back to the fertility issue. Viewers remember Sweet Tea slid into Gregory’s DM’s with a baby emoji, writing, “I got what you want,” referring to Gregory wanting a child. “My mama got a better chance of having a baby than she do in hell,” Heavenly added, while alleging that the rest of the ladies were hyping her up to attack her. If you bring my mama up, I think I can talk about your problem having babies.”

Watch the live below: