Dr. Dre is getting back into the ring of filmmaking by announcing his work on an upcoming biopic about the late R&B singer Marvin Gaye.

Variety reports the rapper is currently in the early stages of the project, but one of the most critical parts of the film–the rights to Gaye’s music–has already been secured. Even more laudatory is the film has gotten authorization from Gaye’s family.

Dr. Dre is one in a long line of creatives who have wanted to explore the life of Gaye. As we reported in 2017, F. Gary Gray was initially supposed to direct a biopic, but there hasn’t been any word on that film’s development. Gaye’s family was also supposed to be involved in that film, as well. Jesse L. Martin was also supposed to star as Gaye in a biopic, but production on the film stalled in 2013.

Variety also reports that Jamie Foxx had gotten the rights to a limited series about Gaye and Gaye’s family’s approval in 2016, but no progress has been made on the project.