Matt Barnes and his sister have a heart-to-heart about her feelings about Barnes’ fiancée in the exclusive clip of WE tv’s The Barnes Bunch.

The clip comes from the fifth episode of the season, airing this Friday. Barnes and his sister, real estate agent Danielle Barnes, are putting stuff away in the car, seemingly after a day of shopping, but the outing becomes a moment when Barnes and his sister hash it out over Danielle’s off feelings about Barnes’ fiancée, model and reality personality Anansa Sims. Danielle feels Sims could be more hands-on with the family, whereas Barnes feels Danielle needs to meet he and Sims halfway.

This season follows Barnes and Sims’ engagement, which includes managing their blended family, a famous mother-in-law in Sims’ mother, pioneering model Beverly Johnson, and balancing fame and the messiness of life. According to the synopsis for this season:

The Barnes Bunch (eight, one-hour episodes) follows NBA champion and successful Podcaster, Matt Barnes, alongside his fiancée, model and reality personality, Anansa Sims, as they navigate love, forgiveness, and personal growth while reconciling their past. Both incredibly active and supportive parents, they are often aided by Sims’ mother, supermodel and New York Times Bestselling author, Beverly Johnson. Amid their chaotic lives with a blended family of six kids, now they confront the challenge of conquering their complex history to forge a future together and build a lasting union. The stakes are even higher as they navigate co-parenting, family dynamics, fame, and their growing empire.

Fresh off their engagement last year, the season features Matt and Anansa’s extensive planning of their engagement party. However, in the premiere episode, Matt reveals shocking information to Anansa at couples therapy, making her recall old relationship troubles. Beverly convinces Anansa to join her at a modeling shoot celebrating the 50th anniversary of her history-making Vogue Cover, but Anansa’s responsibilities as a mother makes it difficult. Will the ‘bad boy of basketball’ finally settle down? And, can this dynamic duo maintain their sanity while juggling the kids, busy careers and potentially another baby?