Method Man had an opportunity to star in Girls Trip, but he turned it down. According to him, his character was too reprehensible for him to identify with.

“I was supposed to be that a-hole guy that [Mike] Colter played,” he told Jemele Hill on her podcast Unbothered, according to Cheat Sheet. Colter played Stewart Pierce, the disloyal husband to Regina Hall’s lifestyle guru character Ryan Pierce.

“So when I read the script, I was like I feel like I’ve gotta take a shower. It was like I couldn’t relate to the guy,” Method Man continued. “I like characters I feel like I can hang out with…But this dude was like, ugh. I didn’t like him. I’m sorry, I just didn’t like him.”

Method Man did laud Colter for his job with the role and gave a hint that he might take part in the sequel.

However, this was said in a joking manner, so who knows how much truth there is to Method Man actually taking part in Girls Trip 2The rapper-turned-actor currently stars in Starz’s Power Book II: Ghost.