Actor Michael K. Williams with Stephen Colbert on "Late Show" on CBS
Actor Michael K. Williams with Stephen Colbert on “Late Show” on CBS

On last night’s episode of Stephen Colbert’s “Late Show” on CBS, actor Michael K. Williams shared the personal side of his journey from a “street kid in the projects with low self-esteem and a need to be accepted,” as the actor put it, to becoming the much-revered actor that he is today, who has been able to keep himself in-demand, performing on both the big and small screens, an eclectic mix of roles.

He also talks about how playing Omar (likely the character he’s most-known for) in “The Wire” was a breakout role for him, and all the lessons he learned from it. He seems like a humble, unpretentious dude who realizes and appreciates the position he’s in, and likely doesn’t take any of it for granted.

It’s a brief clip, but I realized that it’s actually rare that I see Michael K. Williams appearing on these late-night talk shows, being interviewed. It’s good to see him get the attention.

Watch below: