Congratulations Monaleo! The artist welcomed her first child with Stunna 4 Vegas over the weekend. She announced the news on Instagram.

“In the midst of dropping my first project, I’m celebrating the birth of my sweet baby,” Monaleo wrote, adding that she was in labor for 48 hours and that she opted for a natural water birth with no epidural.

“This my greatest accomplishment. Above any accolade. I’m so so so so so grateful for the amazing women in my life who I appointed to be my doulas,” she captioned, also thanking her midwife.


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Monaleo thanked her partner for “supporting me, uplifting me, catering to my every need. always putting me first and always encouraging me to reach heights I never thought I could.” 

She also dedicated a paragraph to her baby.

“You had the happiest, most amazing birth days. Welcome to the world,” she wrote. “I can’t wait for you to experience it. The good and the bad. I can’t wait to create the safest space for you to be the super nova you are. Mama loves you, stinky.”


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The rapper has welcomed her child as she dropped her debut L.P., Where the Flowers Don’t Die. In the days prior, Monaleo had dropped several music videos in which she appeared pregnant. In the “Wig Splitter” music video, she is rapping while homebound and waiting to give birth. In “Ass Kickin,” Monaleo is portrayed at a medical exam.

“It was a very long shoot, but it was very fun,” she told NYLON about the experience. “I actually wasn’t supposed to be doing any of my own stunts. We had two people who could have done my stunts, but we were really crunched for time, so I was like, “F*ck it, I’ll do it myself.””

Monaleo brought her midwife with her on set to ensure her and the baby were safe while shooting the music video for “Ass Kickin.”

The rapper says she is now resting with her loved ones.

“The baby and I are doing amazing!” she told Rolling Stone. “I had a completely natural home birth/water birth. It was an amazing, empowering experience that I got to share with the matriarchs of my family. I’m now resting in bed with the world’s sweetest newborn, enjoying the fruits I bore both physically and musically.”