Monique Samuels’s public rise to fame is as a full-time cast member of The Real Housewives of Potomac. She joined the cast in season 2 and remained for four seasons. While she’s known for her spunk on the Bravo reality series, she turned her 15 minutes of fame into much more.

Prior to the show, Monique was a full-time wife and mother to her retired NFL husband, Chris Samuels. In season 3, she told her co-star Karen Huger that while Chris is the “money maker,” she very much is the “manager” of their family and household.

Monique managed the couple’s multiple properties, as well as Chris’ non-profit organization and his many investments. 

But before becoming a wife and a mother, Monique was pursuing a rap career. She’s freestyled several times on the show and was once part of a rap trio. She put her career on hold citing issues with record labels trying to make her music oversexualized. But now that she has the platform of Bravo, her rap career is back in full swing. Monique recently released her first official single, and accompanying music video, “Drag Queens.”

Since being on the show, Monique started her own podcast and mommy-brand, Not For Lazy Moms. The brand once started as a Facebook group that now boasts its own products and more. She also released her own essential oils line, Mila Eve Essentials. 

While she may have once been known as the wife of an NFL star, Monique has built her own empire and continues to do so. Her estimated net worth is $4 million.