Mo’Nique’s grievances with Tyler Perry, Lee Daniels, and Oprah Winfrey are nothing new, but here’s a refresher for all who may not understand why the Oscar-winning actress has had a very public feud with all three. 

According to Mo’Nique, she and Daniels were once close friends who grew distant during promotion for Precious, the film that Daniels directed. She claims that when she declined to do international press for the film, she was viewed as difficult to work with. She also alleges that Daniels became upset with her when she did not mention him during her Academy Awards acceptance speech.  

Years later, Mo’Nique says she had a conversation with Daniels about her work opportunities drying up. In turn, she says Daniels told her that she’d been blacklisted as a result of what happened during promotion for Precious. She also says Daniels finds her husband, who is also her manager, to be a detriment to her career and a major reason why people don’t want to work with her.

Mo’Nique has made it her mission to create pay equality for Black women in Hollywood. She says she and Perry had private conversations with him siding with her privately but refusing to do so on a public platform, leading her to publicly denounce his integrity. As far as her issues with Winfrey, Mo’Nique feels betrayed that Winfrey allowed her brother, who admits to sexually abusing Mo’Nique as a child, on her talk show to share his side of the story. 

In a new interview with Claudia Jordan on Jordan’s FOX Soul talk show, Mo’Nique says due to speaking out about her problems with Daniels, Perry, and Winfrey, she’s lost money due to not being able to secure consistent work.

“For so long, people in “power” feel like I can use you like a piece of trash and ball you up and throw you away when I’m done with you,” she says. “For me, that stage is my therapy. That night I had to say it because they were sitting by watching my career be snatched…it’s cost us generational money.”

Check out the interview below:


Photo: FOX Soul