The culture’s smartest superhero is back, and she’s more charged up than ever!

As fans tune in for the next installment of Marvel’s Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur on Disney, they meet Lunella Lafayette after she returns from being lost in another dimension as she first learned to grapple with being Moon Girl in the first season.

“In Season 1, she was becoming Moon Girl, but in Season 2, she is Moon Girl,” executive producer Steve Loter said during a pre-premiere event at the Cascade Family Skating Rink in Atlanta. “Now, everybody knows who she is, so the villains are leveling up against her. The pressure of keeping the secret from her family that she’s Moon Girl…that will weigh heavily on her. Everything in Season 2 is just bigger, but we still have this tremendous comedy, incredible music by Raphael Saadiq, and it’s gonna be an amazing season.”

“Lunella is a superhero,” co-executive producer Rodney Clouden added. “When they say her brain is her superpower, she’s not strong like the Hulk or climbing walls like Spiderman or anything like that, so it shows that you can step into your power and be a superhero any way that you can, serving the community in terms of being helpful. I think her being into STEM and showing that science is cool is very useful to society.”

As Lunella continues to step into who she is, her confidence also grows.

“Since Season 1, she was kind of clunky, like, she’s new to the whole superhero thing. But now that she’s standing in her power, with that comes insane responsibility, like balancing family life and her superhero life,” Diamond White, the voice of Moon Girl, said. “What I do like that we see is we see her get kind of like PTSD from getting lost in another dimension. So we see her going through that, and she’s 13, so she’s dealing with anxiety. I think it’s important to have those conversations, especially in this realm. I’m just excited to see how she comes out of it. But she’s standing in her power more, which is nice to see.”

As she continues to navigate life’s twists and turns alongside her companion, Devil Dinosaur (Fred Tatasciore), Lunella finds herself having to keep who she is from family except for one person.

“He innocently just loves his granddaughter, but he also loves Moon Girl, and now that he knows who it is, that’s a whole different kind of love,” Gary Anthony Williams, the voice of Pops, shared. “As far as him helping her, she helps him just as much.”

He continued, “I keep going back to this one episode where she helps Pops get things pulled back together, and she’s constantly doing that. So I think it’s a symbiotic relationship. I do think it’s that relationship of them helping each other that’s way more important than what I can give to her or what she gives to me. In this family, everybody’s there for each other.”

Moreover, Lunella finds herself diving deeper into sisterhood this season, and the same resonated behind the scenes for the show.

“What’s really cool about the season is our entire writers room were all women, and most of our directors were women too,” co-executive producer Pilar Flynn remarked.

“You see a lot of beautiful female friendships and family friendships just in a much more profound way, so I’m excited for everyone to see Lunella growing up and really stepping into her power because it’s something so inspiring and something I would have liked to have seen as a little girl,” she continued. “We’re doing that for a lot of the little girls out there who feel they can make a difference and step into their own power like Lunella.”

And just like any middle school-aged girl, Lunella has a sidekick through it all: her bestie, Casey (Libe Barer).

“I love Casey and Lunella’s friendship because it’s such a beautiful example of healthy female friendship,” Barer said. “Both in the way that they support each other, but also you see them have some conflict, like most people have in real life, and they navigate through it, communicate it and they learn how to navigate it in a really healthy way. I think that everything this season gets a little deeper with the characters and the dynamics, which is what we’ll see between Casey and Lunella.”

Season 2 of Marvel’s Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur premieres on Disney Channel on Friday and will be available for streaming on Disney+ the following day.