How to Get Away With Murder is coming to an end! The final season follows Professor Annalise Keating’s (Viola Davis) class through their final semester in law school while the deception, fear and guilt binding Professor Keating to her students (Jack Falahee, Aja Naomi King, Matt McGorry and Karla Souza) prove deadlier than ever.

Aside from Davis as Keating, the show stars Billy Brown as Detective Nate Lahey, Falahee as Connor Walsh, King as Michaela Pratt, McGorry as Asher Millstone, Souza as Laurel Castillo, Charlie Weber as Frank Delfino, Liza Weil as Bonnie Winterbottom, Conrad Ricamora as Oliver Hampton, Rome Flynn as Gabriel Maddox and Amirah Vann as Tegan Price.

Ahead of the kickoff of How to Get Away with Murder‘s final season, we’re counting down the Top 8 HTGAWM moments that left us gagging:


8. Lila’s Death

Setting the tone for the rest of the series, this is the moment when we found out exactly what type of stuff that this show was going to be on and the type of person Frank truly is. The death of Lila, the young woman who had an affair with Annalise’s husband, Sam, kicked off the “murder” in How to Get Away with Murder. 

7. Laurel Delivers Her Baby In An Elevator, Annalise Saves Him 

While this was not necessarily one of the show’s iconic deaths, seeing Laurel deliver her baby in a blood-filled hotel elevator and Annalise resuscitating it back to life is an image that we will never get out of our heads.

6. Bonnie Kills Rebecca 

Bonnie had been waiting for a minute to take one for the team, but did she go too far here? She catches her first body in what may be the most ruthless death of the series.

5. Annalise’s Backstory Is Revealed 

Over the course of several episodes, we learned just exactly why Annalise is the way she is. We learn about her and Sam’s tumultuous relationship, how she was pregnant and how the baby died, as well as the true connection between herself and Wes.

4. Asher Runs Over Sinclair 

Asher was the only one of the Keating 5 who was not present for Sam’s death and none of the subsequent murders. But, he perhaps committed the most premediated and impulse-driven murders of the entire series when he ran over ADA Sinclair.

3. “Why Is Your Penis On A Dead Girl’s Phone”

Also, another big moment that’s not a death, Viola Davis was Emmy-worthy in a scene that featured one of the most memorable pieces of dialogue in 2010s television history.

2. Sam’s Death

Has there ever been a television death where so many people had involvement? Though Michaela threw him off the balcony and Wes gave a finishing blow, all of the students (sans Asher, see above) were culpable in the murder, no matter how deserved it was.

1. Wes’s Death

This is the best moment of How To Get Away With Murder. Period. Now, there will be debates of if the show could ever best this moment or if it could recover from ousting such a huge, fan-favorite character, but regardless, this risk worked because people were buzzing. All season everyone guessed who could be the dead body under the cover. Who could provoke that sort of reaction from everyone, including Annalise? The death of Wes is the pinnacle moment of How to Get Away With Murder and one that fans will never forget. 



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