Dog Eat Dog is a new computer animated film currently in the works, which might be the first to deal with a pit bull instead of the usual, more friendly cuddly types of dogs that you would normally see in an animated film.

Directed by Kenny Roy, the film is written and produced by three African American creators – screenwriter/actor Kenny Young, producer Phil James and executive producer Jeff Friday entertainment entrepreneur and the founder of the annual American Black Film Festival.

The film tells the story of Chance, a pit bull puppy with a peaceful heart and an imaginative mind. Unfortunately, Chance is soon torn from his happy home and purchased by a cruel human owner.

IMG_0045To his horror, he learns that his new owner intends for him to grow up and compete in the brutal world of professional dog-fighting… to the death. Growing into adulthood in the yard, Chance manages to hold on to his values despite the fact that he will eventually have to enter the ring of death. Unwilling to betray his beliefs or fight his fellow dogs with whom he has made friendships, Chance escapes from the yard and ventures into the big world for the first time… alone. By tragic irony, Chance soon finds himself immersed even deeper in the bloody world of dog-fighting.

And to prevent himself from totally succumbing to violence and expectations of being a “fighting dog,” Chance must risk his own life and reclaim his peaceful beliefs to bravely challenge the system that is causing the self destruction of his own kind.

As for what motivated the premise, writer Young said that the idea for the film came from a experience from the past: “Years ago, while visiting a friend, I connected with an exceptionally friendly pit-bull he had. I played with the dog the entire time I was there. When leaving, my friend informed me that the dog would have it’s first fight the next day… to the death. I’m ashamed to say I didn’t do anything to prevent it. The dog either killed or was killed. But thoughts of the dog stayed with me. I felt the story of fighting dogs needed to be told, from their perspective.”

No release date has been set as yet but you can watch scenes from the film here and here.