Disney Channel is letting the audience call the shots with the new television show Just Roll With It.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the network has greenlit the experimental show created by showrunners and executive producers Trevor Moore and Adam Small.

The multicamera sitcom follows the Bennett-Blatt family, with step-siblings Blair (Kaylin Hayman) and Owen (Ramon Reed from Broadway’s The Lion King) at the show’s center. Blair is rebellious and free in contrast to Owen, who is an organizational fiend and athlete. Their mother, Rachel (Suzi Barrett), is described as a “strict, regimented, ex-military mom” and father Byron (Tobie Windham) is a morning radio host who isn’t as organized and clean as his son.

Just Roll With It is described as utilizing a “first-of-its-kind format” by giving a signal to the actors to go backstage as the audience electronically votes for one of three wild stunts the cast will undertake. According to the report, Jonas Agin, vice president of original series at Disney Channels, said the show plans to “totally upend” the traditional format. “By introducing an element of audience interactivity that subverts the expectations of not only the viewers but also the cast, Just Roll With It is a true step in the evolution of comedic storytelling,” he said.

The show will make for a wild viewing experience. It remains to be seen how effective this type of format will be and how long the energy necessary for this type of show can be sustained. But if it’s successful, it could possibly revolutionize family entertainment on other networks.