With an update on Twitter, Ava DuVernay has once again piqued fan interest in her upcoming DC Comics film New Gods.

“Working on the script with @TomKingTK [Mister Miracle comic book writer Tom King] and dreaming of actors. Seeing most of the incredible fan casting that’s going on. May, in fact, be taking some notes,” she wrote.

The tweet led to fans filling her TL with desired castings of popular roles for the film. In that same vein, we thought we’d take our own stab at casting some of the characters.

Big Barda: Gina Torres or Laverne Cox

Two of the names that the internet seems to have come to a consensus on casting are either Gina Torres or Laverne Cox for the Former Female Furies member, Big Barda. As a warrior comparable to a Wonder Woman in powers and skill, it makes sense that these two Wonder Women of Hollywood have been looked to as possible candidates for the role. Torres is a fandom favorite, having starred in Firefly and Serenity, Star Wars Rebels and Star Wars: Forces of Destiny, Cleopatra 2525 and Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, among other fan-favorite genre shows.

Mr. Miracle: Oscar Isaac

Another name the internet seems to almost unanimously agree upon is casting Oscar Isaac as Scott Free, aka Mr. Miracle. Raised by Darkseid despite being the son of Highfather, the leader of peaceful planet New Genesis, Mr. Miracle is known as the greatest escape artist in the universe and also happens to be happily married to Big Barda. With their married life being as prominent as their superhero lives, this became the focus of King’s critically-acclaimed Mr. Miracle series. As someone who has been entrenched in the fandom life with Star Wars, Isaac could easily switch from one galaxy to another in New Gods. Also, by taking a look at how illustrator Mitch Gerads drew Mr. Miracle in King’s series, it becomes obvious that Isaac could fit the role seamlessly. It’s as if Gerads had already cast Isaac himself.

Darkseid: Laurence Fishburne or Danny Glover

Darkseid is both the villain of this film and the leader of the evil planet Apokolips. He is simultaneously intimidating and alluring because of his immense power. Who better to bring those qualities to the role than Laurence Fishburne? He already has the charm, as seen in his role as cat daddy Pops on black-ish. As shown in The Matrix, Fishburne also has the gravitas to anchor even the highest concept of films. Not only that, but he also can add the right type of menace to the role.

Danny Glover could also bring gravitas to Darkseid. Glover has just as storied a career as Fishburne and his role as Albert in Steven Spielberg’s adaptation of The Color Purple highlights his ability to portray a ruthless character. If he can bring that kind of evil energy to Albert, we can only imagine what type of darkness he could bring to Darkseid.

Granny Goodness: Kathy Bates

Fans are also in agreement with casting Kathy Bates as Granny Goodness. Bates isn’t a stranger to a genre project, as seen in Stephen King’s Misery and Ryan Murphy’s American Horror Story: Coven. But she also has the right type of bearing and look for Granny Goodness. Her role in Misery made it clear that she can convincingly play someone who brings the pain.

The next set of characters hasn’t been heavily rumored as being a part of New Gods, but if they are, they can provide audiences with even more Black superheroes to root for.

Vykin the Black: Trevante Rhodes

There’s a trope of Black characters always having to have “Black” in their names, and Vykin the Black is no exception. But, as with Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex, “The Black Prince,” name might not just be in reference to skin tone, but also to power. With that understanding, Trevante Rhodes would be a good fit. Not only did he play a vulnerable character in Barry Jenkins’ Moonlight, but he has also played a tough hero in Shane Black’s The Predator. He’s definitely got the muscles for playing an elite warrior like Vykin.

Serafina: Tati Gabrielle

Tati Gabrielle could be a great pick for playing Serafina, Vykin the Black’s sister and fellow Forever People member. Serafina’s empathic abilities, as well as her ability to emit bursts of light, could be easily channeled by Gabrielle, who is adept at playing a powerful character. Her talent at playing Prudence on Chilling Adventures of Sabrina has made her character one of the most popular of the series.

Commander Gideon: Dennis Haysbert

Commander Gideon is a high-ranking New Genesis general, serving under New Genesis leader Highfather. When it comes to authoritativeness, Dennis Haysbert comes to mind. After all, he did play the President of the United States for years on 24. While there isn’t much information on the internet regarding Commander Gideon, Haysbert’s talent and understanding of character could help the role become more fleshed out.

Beautiful Dreamer: Jodie Turner-Smith or KiKi Layne

Beautiful Dreamer is another member of The Forever People and accesses her powers through dreams. She is also possibly one of the most powerful New Gods since she is tied to the Anti-Life Equation, which can control people through feelings of hopelessness. Through the Equation, she has the ability to bring the dead back to life as well as a myriad of other, undiscovered abilities. A great candidate for such a mysterious role could be Jodie Turner-Smith. She is a beautiful and intriguing actress, as well as someone who could possibly bring the right ethereal quality to the role. She already has experience playing a character larger than life; her role as Queen in Queen & Slim made commentary on people becoming icons of a movement.

KiKi Layne could also make a great Beautiful Dreamer. Of course, the beauty is already a given, but she also works well in ethereal dreamscapes. Case in point: Barry Jenkins’ If Beale Street Could Talk, which features Jenkins’ trademark long gazes and meticulous eye for detail.

Orion: Jovan Adepo

As the son of Darkseid and adopted son of Highfather, Orion must find the balance between good and evil on many levels. A type of character who is having a battle of the soul has already been played by Adepo already in the lauded Watchmen episode, “This Extraordinary Being.” In the episode, he portrays Angela Abar’s grandfather Will, who battles between his rage at a racist society and his hope to achieve the American dream. He also battles his relationships, specifically between a deteriorating marriage and a loveless, fetishized relationship with Captain Metropolis.

Lightray: Dev Patel

As his name suggests, Lightray emits rays of light as part of his powers. But he himself is also a ray of light in an emotional sense; he’s one of the most kind-hearted people on New Genesis and among the New Gods. As such, he befriends Orion and helps him balance out his rage.

Dev Patel could make a fantastic Lightray because he does seem to exhibit the same goodness that Lightray is said to have. Not only that, but Patel is someone who has yet to star in a big-budget comic book franchise. It would be great to see him suited up as a New God alongside the rest of the cast.

Bekka: Vanessa Kirby

Bekka’s powers include controlling others’ emotions, including convincing them to lust after her. With that kind of femme fatale power, we think Vanessa Kirby could be suited to play the character. She’s already shown herself to be game for action films, such as her role in Hobbs & Shaw. But she has also proven herself adept at channeling seduction by playing the vivacious and hip Princess Margaret in The Crown.

Who would you cast in the film?



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