She Ball and Wild ‘n Out star Nick Cannon is defending himself from social media users knocking him for knocking up several women.

According to The Jasmine Brand, Cannon said Monday on The Breakfast Club that he believes monogamy is Eurocentric, hence his reality of having seven children with four different mothers.

“That’s a Eurocentric concept when you think about this idea that you’re supposed to have just one person for the rest of your life,” he said. “When really that’s just a classified property when you think about it.”

“Just the idea that a man should have one woman–we shouldn’t have anything,” he said. “I have no ownership over this person. Like, if we really talking about how we co-exist and how we populate. It’s about what exchange can we create together…Those women and all women are the ones that open themselves up to say, ‘I would like to allow this man in my world and I will birth this child.’ So it ain’t my decision. I’m following suit.”

According to Us Weekly, he also said he’s “never really subscribed” to the idea of monogamy.

“I understand the institution of marriage but if we go back to what that’s about, that was to classify property. One father gave another man his daughter for land. I don’t want ownership over anybody. I don’t have ownership over any of the mothers. We created a beautiful entity.”

He said the women in his life knows how he feels about monogamy, adding, “I’m not going around like, ‘Who am I gonna impregnante next?’ Nah. It’s usually scenarios. When you look at a family structure, the woman is always the one who leads and makes decisions.”

He also said how he’s always learning from his children.

“I’ve learned so much from my children and it’s so amazing and I really just love being around my kids,” he said, as The Jasmine Brand reports. “And just that youthful energy, it feels like you get to relive every time. And I think beacuse I’ve been through so much in my life, you know, physically, mentally, and spiritually, the best place that I find is the time that I spend with my kids.”