Three months after his murder, the loss of Nipsey Hussle continues to reverberate throughout the music industry. Now, it has been evealed that his career could have soared to greater heights in the acting field.

In an interview with radio host Angie Martinez, director Benny Boom revealed that Nipsey Hussle was set to portray rap icon Snoop Dogg in his 2017 directorial effort All Eyez On Me, the biopic on Tupac Shakur.

“Nipsey was supposed to play Snoop,” Benny said. “We wanted him to play Snoop in All Eyez On Me… We didn’t have any other person that we wanted to play him.” Unfortunately, Boom’s vision of Nipsey portraying the rap icon didn’t pan out due to scheduling conflicts.

Boom who was primarily a music video director before he went on to direct the aforementioned film and episodes of shows like of 90210, Black Lightning, All American, went on the discuss Nipsey’s impact on his community.

“It’s crazy because I didn’t realize, as much as I knew Nipsey, I didn’t realize how much he was driving things in his community, and to take him out of L.A. for that amount of time that we needed to come to Atlanta where we shot, would’ve just threw him off his square a little bit,” Boom continued. “Just the timing didn’t work out.”

Jarret Ellis went on to play Snoop Dogg in the film.

Watch the rest of Boom’s interview with Angie Martinez below.


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Photo: Getty Images/TRL