Gunna, who has been in behind bars for about 2 months now over his alleged involvement in a massive Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act case, has been hit with an inflammatory accusation involving jail contraband.

The allegation is related to a May 14 incident involving a nurse. According to WSB-TV, prosecutors say that the nurse was caught attempting to smuggle a bag containing marijuana and cocaine into the jail, and some of these drugs were supposedly intended for Gunna.

In response, Gunna’s attorney — Steve Sadow — said the situation is entirely untrue.

“None of the allegations made today, these so-called new allegations, are accurate,” Steve Sadow, Gunna’s attorney, said in a statement to WSB-TV.

This contraband allegation notably comes on the heels of Gunna being denied bond for a second time.

The “pushin P” rapper was initially denied bond back in May due to accusations that he was a “documented” gang member who was in a position of “command,” as Blavity previously reported.

Additionally, prosecutors alleged that Gunna would pose a threat to witnesses if he were to be released, though Sadow denied this in a statement to Billboard.

“The court was obviously concerned about threats and intimidation of witnesses. We believe when the court hears evidence, not just the words of the prosecutor, it will find that Sergio’s release on bond will not, directly or indirectly, pose a significant risk to witnesses,” Sadow said.

“We look forward to having an evidentiary hearing on this as soon as the court permits,” he continued.

Similar accusations led to Gunna being denied bond once again, as prosecutors say that various witnesses have been threatened and “fear not only for their own lives but for their families’ lives should they testify,” per The Source.

With Gunna being denied bond twice already, it looks like there’s a good chance that he could remain in jail until his trail, which set for January 2023.