Editor’s Note: After this article was published, it was announced that On My Block was renewed for a Season 2. Also after publishing, Ronni Hawk appears to have deleted a tweet that we embedded from her account.

Previously reported:

Netflix’s new coming-of-age series, On My Block, has received nearly universal acclaim from critics upon its release, including from us here at Shadow and Act.

However, the fans of the series are taking the show to task and calling for a role portrayed by Ronni Hawk to be recast.

Alleged tweets have surfaced on social media showing the actress’s support of Donald Trump. Hawk’s character, Olivia, is of Mexican descent.

While there is only the screenshot and no explicit evidence of the tweet in which she mentions Trump, Hawk’s tweet with the American flag and heart emojis that she posted shortly after Trump’s win still exists.

This has spurred a flurry of outcry, primarily because of the show’s themes of diversity and hardship that do not align with Trump.

The actress has not responded to the controversy.

Although the alleged tweets have been deleted, there are replies to what seem to be the Trump tweets dating back to 2016.

On My Block has also not officially been renewed for Season 2.

Set in a predominantly Hispanic and African-American part of South Central Los Angeles, the show follows a fearless foursome as they enter high school and confront the challenges of adolescence and their neighborhood. The series stars Sierra Capri, Jason Genao, Brett Gray, Ronni Hawk and Jessica Maria Garcia.

We recently spoke to Capri and Gray about a number of topics including how important it was to portray the diversity of young black teens on screen.