Phaedra Parks threw a massive $70,000 birthday party for her eldest son, Ayden’s 13th birthday. Ayden turned 13 on May 21 and celebrated with a carnival-themed bash for 120 guests in the backyard of Parks’ Buckhead Atlanta home on May 26.

“He loves carnivals, so we had an actual Carnival company come and do the Carnival games,” she told The Messenger. “You could win gifts and toys, but then the kids also played basketball — we have a half court on my property — and they danced, and it was just a fun time. Then, the fire handler came and spewed fire, and then the stilt walkers gave us a great show. So I think it was entertaining to all.”

The attorney said she hired party Atlanta party planner Tori Williams to bring her lavish ideas of wanting to commemorate her son’s first birthday during his 13th.

“I mean, it was almost like a little royal coronation,” the mom of two said.

She explained that Ayden’s 13th birthday was “reminiscent” of Ayden’s first birthday party, which featured 12 unique cakes, each one representing each month he was born.

“Of course, he’s 13 now, so he’s entering true adolescence,” Parks continued. “But I tried to really do a lot of elements from the first birthday party.”

The former Real Housewives of Atlanta star pulled out the bells and whistles for the event, hiring stilt walkers, food trucks, fire dancers, Carnival games, a mocktail station for the kids, a photo booth, and a trumpet player.

“During COVID, you really couldn’t have parties like that because it wasn’t safe,” she said. “So now that the world’s opened, I just wanted him to have a huge blowout party.”

Ayden’s birthday gift was the cherry on top of his special day — Parks gave him a lifetime gift, an investment property.

“I gave him a piece of investment property because he loves investments and money,” Parks said. “He wanted a dirt bike, [but I thought], Let me get you something that you won’t kill yourself [on]. Let me get you something that’s going to be useful.”

“I’ll probably have to worry about this rental property, but I won’t worry about it as much! We are going to do a project together where we will rehab that property, so I’m super excited about that,” she continued.