The rising artist PinkPantheress canceled her performance last year at Spain’s Primavera Festival after discovering she has “partial hearing loss.”

@pinkpantheress i switched up the beat to the original cos i prefer bossa nova vibes lol also any lash techs in austin texas? #fyp #foryoupage ♬ original sound — hugobossspectacles

While trying to have a positive mindset about her new condition, PinkPantheress tweeted a message to her fans.

“In order to be back on stage again, I need time to heal,” she wrote.

According to the BBC, several months passed before PinkPantheress learned in October 2022 that years of listening to loud and distinctive beats like house music exposed her to loud soundwaves leaving her 80% deaf in her right ear.

“You know I love to get into my oontz oontz drum and bass bag, but then I remember it made me 80% deaf in one year,” she said in her TikTok video. “So this song is dedicated to my right ear. I’ll never do you dirty again. I can’t even listen to 3D music ANYMORE.”

PinkPantheress spoke with the BBC during a visit to Los Angeles, where she expressed a new perspective on her diagnosis.

“To state the obvious, making music has gotten harder,” she said. “But I honestly did all my mourning already. Like, I’ve really done that.”

The deterioration of her hearing “happened gradually” after creating and listening to music.

“I told myself that, whatever happens, you still have another good working ear. As long as you protect that, you’re going to be fine,” she added. “So I just try not to think about it.”

Since then, the young artist has continued to produce and write songs that later put her on mainstream radio’s radar with the Take Me Home EP, where the original solo version of “Boy’s a Liar” first appeared.

“It hasn’t been a surprise where I’ve been like, OMG, I’m not prepared,” PinkPantheress told the BBC about the success of “Boy’s a Liar.” “I’ve been taking it in my stride,” she continued. “The whole idea was, I didn’t want it to just be a song that passed on by. I wanted to culturally, like, stamp this song into this year.”

The hit single became a TikTok fan favorite with over 2.3 million creations and 225 million audio streams. The latest girl anthem now features Bronx native Ice Spice, whose flavor sprinkle brought the song to new heights on music charts.

“I don’t hear that many especially female rappers rap about their insecurities,” PinkPantheress said about Ice Spice. “I didn’t ask her … but I feel like [that verse] flooded out of her more easily than we think.”

And while “Boy’s a Liar” has brought her newfound recognition and a segue as her mainstream crossover, PinkPantheress plans to continue working on an album, perfecting her live performances and creating a softer sound.