Angela (Lela Loren) is trying to run her guilt away, but it’s not going to work. She finally tells her older sister Paz (Elizabeth Rodriguez) that she thinks Jamie (Omari Hardwick) is innocent. Paz is no fan of Ghost’s (after all he’s a liar, cheater and murderer.) However, she does tell her sister that if she knows something that proves Ghost didn’t kill Greg (Andy Bean) — she has to tell the truth.

Power Season 4 2017

In prison, Silver (Brandon Victor Dixon) is doing his best to calm an enraged Ghost. With Proctor (Jerry Ferrara) out, Ghost doesn’t trust Silver to win his freedom. Silver calmly tells him that he has no other choice. He says, “I’m the ni**a standing between you and a needle.” With the asset forfeiture hearing approaching, Ghost has no other option than to put his life in Silver’s hands.

At the Feds, Angela (who seems to get more and more simple each episode) approaches Mike (David Fumer) about the surveillance tape. She thinks that the tape proves Ghost never hid the gun before she arrested him. Angela also notes that Mike was the one who last viewed the footage. Mike being the OG that he is (and Greg’s real killer) essentially tells Angela to STFU. Their conversation is interrupted by a delighted Saxe (Shane Johnson) who comes bursting in the room with evidence for the forfeiture hearing. The Feds have found a seven-figure check paid from Tommy (Joseph Sikora) to Club Truth. They are going to try and say that it was a hit payment. They think (or at least are going to claim) that Tommy paid Ghost to kill Greg.

In jail, Tony Teresi (William Sadler) is taunting correctional officer Marshal Williams (Charlie Murphy). Apparently, the calls that Proctor made on Ghost’s behalf paid off. Marshal is getting transferred to another prison, but he and Teresi decide to get back at Ghost before the move is made. Teresi, if you remember is pissed that he’s no longer able to extort Ghost like he wanted.

At the penthouse, Tasha (Naturi Naughton) and Silver are discussing the upcoming asset forfeiture. It looks like Silver might have to put Tasha on the stand and if he does that means spousal privilege will be null and void. Somewhere in the city, Tommy runs up on Proctor. Just because the lawyer is off the case doesn’t mean he’s escaped Tommy’s clutches. Tommy needs to know what the prosecution is going to present at the hearing and he’s tasked Proctor with finding out. With the weave shop and clubs closed, Chicago is losing their patience and Tommy has had to find an alternative method of moving his weight.

Later in prison, Ghost gets a surprise visit from his old nemesis Simon Stern (Victor Garber). Stern is the old man Ghost stole Truth and the rest of his clubs from. Stern seems positively tickled to see Ghost behind bars, but he also offers his financial assistance, which is suspect AF. Ghost isn’t amused and sends Stern on his way.

In the meantime, Proctor is having a lovely daddy-daughter lunch with his kid when Angela rolls up on them. (Does Proctor have some sort of tracker on his car?!) She says that she now has doubts about Ghost’s guilt and she wants to help. Proctor tells her to call Silver.

Discussing the upcoming hearing and trying to decide what to wear, Tasha and Keisha (La La Anthony) are having some girl time. As they chat, Keisha tells her friend that she’s seeing somebody— a white boy and she’s caught feelings for him. Tasha immediately catches on that her two best friends are sexing each other, but she acts oblivious in the moment. It’s also clear to her that Tommy doesn’t return Keisha’s feelings.

Angela takes Proctor’s advice and goes to see Ghost and Silver in jail. As loud and wrong as she is, Angela obviously still loves Ghost, and she tells him about the check that the prosecution has found. With this information, it looks like there is no other option than to have Tasha testify.

Somewhere else in NYC, Julio (J.R. Ramirez) and the Asian bottle girl from Truth are getting it in. Unfortunately, because he’s now the distro, Julio’s phone is also blowing up. Julio learns that Dre (Rotimi) has been undercutting him and now Cristobal (Matt Cedeño) is also going around telling people that J gave him extra keys. Julio needs to get a bit of Ghost in him and get this situation in order immediately. He’s way too soft for this job.

In his bedroom, Tariq (Michael Rainey Jr.) is working up his courage to call Destiny — the girl he slept with on the last episode. Tommy pops up on him to ask how things have been and they have some Uncle-Nephew talk. Tariq tells Tommy about having sex, but his story also doesn’t add up. He says he was at a party with Dre when it happened. Tommy is immediately suspicious.

At the hearing, Tasha is all ready to testify, but Silver pulls a switcharoo and calls Ghost to the stand instead. Ghost claims the check he got from Tommy was just a loan from a friend and everything is going well until it’s Mike’s turn to cross-examine him. Just like Proctor did to Donovan (Ty Jones) in the last episode, Mike uses the cross-examination to detail Greg’s death and piss Ghost off. Enraged, Ghost slips up and calls Greg by his first name, which screams familiarity. It looks very bad from where I’m sitting, but Judge Tapper (Michael Gaston) is going to take some time to make his ruling. While in recess, Simon Stern’s ole snake behind runs up on Tasha and gives her his card. Instead of throwing it away, Tasha holds on to it. Tasha girl what is you doing?!!!

Back behind bars, Ghost knows he messed up, and he lays into Silver because of it. It’s going to cost a ton of more resources, money and time to win this case now. When Ghost asks Silver if he thinks he can win, Silver doesn’t respond. Things are bleak AF. Later Ghost is taking out his rage on a boxing bag in the rec room when Marshal rolls in. Today isn’t the day to F with Ghost. After Marshall calls his kids niglets, Ghost loses it and bashes the guard’s head in with a weight. (Now this is when the show jumps the shark a tad.) Teresi and his minion Biscuit (Guyviaud Joseph) roll in expecting to do away with Ghost’s body, only to find a pulverized Marshal instead. PLOT TWIST! Thinking quickly after seeing how valuable Ghost truly is, Tony chokes Biscuit out and he and Ghost string his body up so it looks like Biscuit murdered Marshal and hung himself. This was far-fetched for me, but I suppose I’ll it slide
That evening a distraught Angela tells Paz that none of her coworkers are taking the new evidence that she found seriously and with the turn of events in court, it looks like Ghost is on his way to getting the needle. After an urging from her sister to do the right thing, Angela makes a call.

In the midst of this, Tasha confronts Tommy about sexing her friend forcing Tommy to come clean about murdering Holly (Lucy Walters). He swears to Tasha that he knew nothing about the baby before he strangled her. Tasha says she understands why he did what he did, but she also tells him he can’t break up with Keisha while all of this legal stuff is going down. Tasha knows her friend is hot headed and could potentially jeopardize Ghost’s case.

The next day, Silver, Ghost and the Feds are called into a special hearing. Surprise surprise, Silver calls Angela to the stand. Angela tells the Judge and Silver about all of the misconduct that has been occurring over at the Feds. Pissed, Mike cross- examines her and forces her to admit that she was sleeping with James and Greg. He also informs Judge Tapper that Angela has been slow to enter evidence against Ghost. Judge Tapper is horrified and appalled by the entire situation. He dismisses all of the Ghost’s charges and suspends the entire prosecution team pending an investigation. Overwhelmed with emotion, Ghost thanks Angela as she leaves the courtroom but she reiterates that though he might not have done this crime, he’s not innocent. Girl, I guess.

At his loft playing pool, Tommy gets a text from Keisha, which he ignores even though Tasha just told him to entertain her. He also gets a text saying that Chicago is requesting his presence. Calling his henchman for a fresh ride, Tommy heads toward Chicago leaving his cell phone behind. He never returns the text to Keisha, and he never finds out that Ghost has been released. Without his cell, Tommy also can’t be reached. This isn’t good.

In the underground brothel that the crew is using to sell drugs since Truth is closed, Kanan (Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson) approaches Dre for his weekly payment. Dre tells Kanan that if he stays away from Tariq, he can help him eliminate a now released Ghost for good. This is what Kanan has wanted all along, and he seems delighted by the entire thing. In the midst of his convo with Dre, he texts Tariq to meet him at his house. What Kanan and Dre don’t know is that someone is watching this exchange. Julio, who seems to recognize Kanan sees them interacting through a small window. Yes Julio, gather your leverage!

Power Season 4 2017

The next day, Angela is doing her walk of shame at work. She’s gathered her belongings and is headed to the elevator. As she’s about to leave, Mike steps to her, and she warns him that it will be her mission to find out who killed Greg. Mike doesn’t seem shook, but it does look like Angela has made another enemy.

At the St. Patrick penthouse, Tasha is thanking Silver for all of his hard work, but Silver wants a bit more than that from Mrs. St. Patrick. Our favorite lawyer is way too familiar and Tasha catches on. He leaves her his card and tells her to call him if she needs anything. He also suggests that she get some cash flowing which prompts Tasha to call the diabolical Simon Stern. Ugh, Tasha, you know better than this!

In jail, Teresi says his goodbyes to Ghost and hands him a cell phone to give to Tommy. He warns Ghost that if Tommy doesn’t get the phone the truth about Marshal’s death will come out. Ghost is confused about Teresi’s interest in Tommy, and he asks, “Did you know his father or something?” Teresi replies, “Something like that?” So is Teresi, Tommy’s daddy or nah?

As the episode wraps, Kanan arrives home to his apartment in search of Tariq who is supposed to be meeting him there. Instead, his cousin Juke Box (Anika Noni Rose) is there to greet him. It seems that she knows about Ghost’s release and she’s decided to go back to their original plan of holding Riq for ransom as Ghost’s welcome home present. Kanan is on board (particularly after learning that Tariq is unharmed.) He asks Juke Box, “What do you need me to do?”

What did you think of this episode “Don’t Thank Me”? Will Ghost be different after leaving jail?
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