Ghost (Omar Hardwick) and Tariq (Michael Rainey Jr.) are on the train from Queens, and both of them are traumatized from fall with Kanan (Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson) and Juke Box (Anika Noni Rose).

Tommy (Joseph Sikora) arrives back in NYC and visits his stash house to find his henchmen tied up. He learns that Ghost was the one who robbed him and he has questions. Just as he’s about to retaliate, Tommy gets a call from Ghost saying that Kanan is alive and that Tariq is in trouble.

Tommy jumps in his car to go and pick Riq and Ghost up. When they meet, Tommy tells Ghost about the ransom demand and about Kanan. The entire time the two men are having this conversation, Tariq is looking on. Before they head home, Tommy asks Tariq if Dre (Rotimi) knew that Kanan was alive. Tariq lies to protect Dre.

At the Feds office, John Mak (Sung Kang) tells Angela (Lela Loren), Mike (David Fumero) and Saxe (Shane Johnson) that they’ve been suspended and that they’ll probably be fired. Apparently, Mok was able to avoid the same plight. With no logins and no clearance, the team is ass out. John is still determined to get justice for Greg (Andy Bean). As they exit the meeting, Saxe tells Anglea that he’s coming for her. (LMAO OK Saxe.)

Ghost and Tariq are greeted by a distraught Tasha (Naturi Naughton) when they walk into the penthouse. Riq tells his mother that she lied to his face about everything. Before things go left, Ghost pulls Tasha into the bedroom and confront her about the ransom, Kanan, and everything that’s been happening while he was locked up. He tries to blame Tasha for their son spiraling out of control. Apparently, he thinks she had “one job” while he was away. Tasha isn’t having it. She reminds him that this all happened because he left the family and was too busy pretending to be someone he wasn’t with Angela. Ghost says, “I didn’t leave the family, I left you.”

Raina (Donshea Hopkins) is listening to their conversation at the bedroom door. She hears Tasha fussing at Ghost about Kanan. “If you’d killed him 10 years ago like I told you…” she hears her mother say. In the midst of their argument, Simon Stern (Victor Garber) and his team come calling. They want to makeover Ghost’s image, and they’ve decided that he and his family are going to do a primetime interview to help. Tasha isn’t here for it, but the St. Patrick really have no choice.

Somewhere in New York, Dre and Tommy meet up to try and track down Julio (J.R. Ramirez). Dre claims that he hasn’t heard from Julio, but he did find his car. They run into the warehouse and find Julio’s body on the floor. Tommy notices that it’s a drug hit and he’s pissed. He gives Dre (who seems very pressed to be Tommy’s second in command) the distro job, but he’s also determined to get to the bottom of Julio’s death. It looks like Dre’s little plan didn’t exactly pan out like he needed it to. However, he’s gotten what he wants for now.

Later in Ghost’s office at Truth, Tommy lets him know about Julio’s death. Ghost is disturbed, but he urges Tommy not to retaliate. Tommy basically tells him that he’s going to do what he wants. He reminds Ghost that he neglected to tell him that Ruiz was wearing a wire the night he killed him.

At the St. Patrick’s penthouse, Raina and Tasha are having a heart to heart. Raina tries to ask Tasha what’s going on with her brother and with Kanan, Tasha tells her daughter that Riq fell in with the wrong crowd and they all need to support him. She also tells Raina to stay away from Kanan if she sees him again.

In John’s office, Mike and Saxe come groveling back for their jobs. They have a new theory about Greg’s death. They’ve concluded that Donovan (Ty Jones) is Greg’s murderer and the real mole. They urge John to look into it. In the midst of this, Anglea and Donovan are meeting at a diner. Angela needs Donovan’s help to try and figure out how the gun got planted in Ghost’s office.

Power Season 4 2017

At home, Tasha is consulting Silver (Brandon Victor Dixon) about the interview, but Silver isn’t trying to work as Ghost’s attorney anymore. Tasha appeals to his ego and turns her stunning doe eyes on him to say, “I need you.” Silver is sold hook line and sinker.

Later, Ghost meets up with Proctor (Jerry Ferrara) for the first time as a free man. Proctor catches him up to speed about Tommy stabbing Homeland Security officer Bailey (Lee Tergesen). He tells Proctor to get his house cleaned several more times. Unbeknownst to him, Proctor is now a liability for Ghost and Tommy.

At a warehouse, Tommy rolls up on the Toros Locos. They know they messed up by marking Julio’s death as gang related. Though they try to offer Tommy up a minion as a scapegoat, which Tommy accepts. However, Tommy also wants to meet with their bosses and he wants the territory that he gave them back.

Tasha, Ghost and kids give the primetime interview in their home. Though the journalist tries to throw Tasha off balance a couple of times, she’s able to pull it off with Silver as her coach. When the journalist asks why she isn’t wearing her wedding ring she tells her she sold it to pay for Ghost’s legal fees.

It looks like Donovan took Angela’s claims seriously about finding out who planted the gun. He’s looked through files, and he’s learned that Saxe met with Bailey on the down low. He’s decided to help her get access to the files. While all of this is occurring, Dre and Riq meet up. Dre asks why Tariq covered for him with Ghost and Tommy and Riq says it’s because he wants to know the truth. He asks if his mother helped his father et up Kanan. Dre doesn’t respond.

Tommy and Dre meet with the Toros Locos bosses  —who we now know are ruthless as hell. Not only does Tommy demand his old territory back from them for Julio’s death he also wants six new corners. He tells them that he killed Lobos (Enrique Murciano) so he owes them. The Toros Locs leaders say that they will consider it.

Meanwhile, Tariq is medicating himself and playing violent video games in his room. Ghost walks in to try and have a heart to heart with his son. Riq tries to ask his father questions about his past, but Ghost lies to him and deflects everything. In the midst of their convo, Teresi (William Sadler) calls Ghost to inquire about Tommy. He tells Ghost that Tommy needs to call him within two days.

Though she told Ghost she was out with Keisha (La La Anthony) Tasha is actually out with Silver and his friends at a karaoke bar. She sings Whitney Houston’s “I Have Nothing” and Silver is further enamored and later, after Silver’s friends exit, they share a kiss. The next day, Tasha wakes up to a brand new ring. Ghost is having a welcome home party at Truth, and he wants Tasha by his side with her shiny new diamond.

The next day at the Feds, Mike and Saxe approach John about their Donovan theory, but John doesn’t seem all that convinced. In fact, John seems suspicious of the two men instead.

At the penthouse, Tommy stops by to check on Tariq and he asks him about Kanan. Riq begins to ask Tommy all of these questions and his and Ghost’s past. Tommy is alarmed and avoids the questions telling Tariq he should speak to his father before slithering out of the boy’s room.

Shortly after that Raina enters Tariq’s room to tell him about what she overheard at their parent’s bedroom. After the twins trade details, Raina suggests that they try to convince their parents to go away to boarding school. Riq isn’t hearing it. He’s enraged by the revelations of Kanan and his parents’ dark past, and he blows up at his twin sister flinging her from his room.

At Ghost’s welcome home party, the journalist that interviewed him and Tasha approach him and comes on quite strongly. Ghost isn’t biting because he’s been down this road before. The reporter tells Ghost that Tasha no longer loves him and that she can read through the act. Across the party, Silver spots Tasha with her shiny new ring on and he’s salty. He storms out before she can even really speak to him,

During the soiree, Simon introduces Ghost to some important people including Councilman Rashad Tate (Larenz Tate). The two men hit it off, much to Stern’s dismay. Stern tells Ghost to stay away from Tate because they Councilman is a wild card who can’t be controlled. (Pretty odd language from a white man.)

Somewhere in the city, Mike enters Donovan’s apartment building, gun in hand. He knocks on the man’s door ready to shoot and kill. However, Mike is shocked when Donovan’s daughter opens the door. She recognizes Mike and tells him that her father is out.

Angela and Donovan have met up to go over the footage from Truth the night the gun was found. Just as they discover Mike on tape, Saxe knocks on the door to announced to Angela that he believes Donovan is the mole. Donovan and Angela decide to catch Saxe up to speed.

Tasha apparently followed Silver out of the party because she rolls up on his house to explain her new ring. She tells him that she’s standing by Ghost until he gets totally exonerated but she informs him that the ring is just window dressing. Tasha tells Silver she often thinks about what life would have been like if she had met him before Ghost. It seems like that’s all Terry had to hear. After that, he and Tasha commence to getting down. I’m not mad about it at all.

Later at Truth, Ghost tells Tommy that he needs to call Teresi. He tells him that the old man witnessed him kill corrections officer Marshal Williams (Charlie Murphy), so he has to hear him out. He also tells Tommy that Proctor is a loose string that needs to be tied. Proctor has the worse luck. As he is about to enter his apartment building, John Mok approaches him about Bailey’s disappearance. Apparently, Bailey’s last phone call was to Proctor and the last time his cell phone pinged was off a tower near Proctor’s house. John warns Proctor to tell him the truth or else he won’t be able to save him from Ghost and Tommy. From across the street, Ghost watches this entire interaction.

While smoking a blunt in his truck, Tommy reluctantly decides to give Teresi a call. The old man seems overwhelmed with emotion when blurts out that he’s Tommy’s father. (CALLED IT) Tommy is skeptical until Teresi begins to describe his mother Kate (Patricia Kalember}, Tommy’s mother. Teresi says he’s always had a thing for red heads and he asks Tommy to visit him. Tommy hangs up the phone shooketh.
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