As she immerses herself in motherhood, tennis superstar Naomi Osaka, 25, opened up about her pregnancy journey. Osaka and her boyfriend, rapper Cordae, are expecting their first child together and have already started jotting down baby names on a list.

“We have been discussing names. I would say that we are going for something more unique than traditional,” Osaka told People magazine.

Although she was expecting herself to “have a ton of cravings” during her pregnancy, she was taken aback that she hadn’t “craved anything out of the ordinary.” Osaka also revealed her pregnancy is relatively smooth and easy, thanks to her “great support system.”

“There are several mothers in my life, all at different phases of motherhood. It’s been nice having them share recommendations and tips along the way,” she said.

Mental health and self-development have always been important to the four-time Grand Slam champ, so there’s no surprise that she wants to begin with herself.

“I would say for me, I just want to be the best version of myself. Obviously, I’ve never been a mother before so I’m taking it day-by-day and just trying to be someone that my son or daughter will be proud of,” she told People.

Self-development can start at a young age, and Osaka wants to influence parents to begin meditating with their young kids with her collection of children’s meditations with Modern Health. Each meditation is curated per age group and is designed to help kids learn about mental health and wellness.