Once Upon a Time‘s latest season hasn’t even debuted yet and Mekia Cox has not been introduced as Princess Tiana (yes, Tiana from The Princess and the Frog) — but she’s already getting a promotion!

According to EW, she will be a series regular as Princess Tiana, not just a recurring cast member as previously announced.

Aside from that, Robin Givens will portray Tiana’s mother. According to EW, Givens will play “Eudora, a loving mother to Tiana and benevolent noblewoman. Formerly wealthy, now facing financial disaster, she handles the transition with grace and inner moral strength.”

Givens is currently a recurring cast member of Riverdale where she plays Mayor McCoy.

Series EP Adam Hororitz told EW, “The Princess and the Frog heroine, whose cursed counterpart is named Sabine, will get the flashback treatment in episode 5. We’re not redoing the movie, but we’re taking it as a jumping off point. We have a OUAT spin.”

The show returns in October.