Married to Medicine is now in its 10th season, and after years of being Bravo’s most underrated reality series, the show is finally getting the shine it deserves. Much of its foundational success can be attributed to Quad Webb as the show’s breakout star. On the series since season 1, the Memphis native gained fans’ love for her outspokenness and bold personality. Initially viewed as the sidekick of show creator Mariah Huq, she quickly spread her wings among the friend group. Fans watched her marriage to Dr. Gregory Lunceford (Dr. G) fall apart, and she rebuilt her life independently of the psychiatrist. She’s used the show to expand her passions for cooking and hosting, successfully hosting three seasons of TV One’s now-canceled Sister Circle. With a brief hiatus from the show a few seasons back, fans’ outcry that the show wasn’t the same without Quad seemingly proved true. Though she may no longer be married to medicine in the technical stance, she’s core to the group. But this season, her friendships with the ladies are put to the ultimate test, thanks to the casting of Dr. G’s new wife, Lateasha, aka Sweet Tea. 

Her co-stars have befriended Sweet Tea, and she’s been open that the casting. She said her co-stars, seemingly reveling in the mess, wouldn’t be able to handle it as gracefully as she has. Webb insisted she has no issues with Sweet Tea and wishes her and her ex well. Instead, she doesn’t understand constantly being referenced by the duo. Questions about whether Webb truly loved Dr. G have plagued her from the show’s start. This season, she said the truth finally prevails. In her interview with Blavity, she spoke about all that and more.

Congratulations on season 10 of Married to Medicine. We’re going into the season losing Contessa and Anilla. How did that shake things up for the group or for you going into this season?

Quad Webb: I’ve always enjoyed Contessa, honestly. So when the show decided to depart from her, that was a bit of a hit.

Now you guys have two new castmates. We know Phaedra because of her work on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. And you guys are close friends. You have a really fun rapport on the show. How do you feel she fits into the group, especially coming on to a well-established show ten seasons in?

QW: Phaedra is very savvy. Phaedra is no stranger to television. She knows the inner workings of TV and production and all of that. And I think she has become acclimated pretty quickly, and she’s like a hallmark within the group.

Now, what are we going to see from you and your personal storyline this season? Many people are always interested in your dating life, but you’ve been low-key. You’ve been married on the show before, so I imagine you would want to make sure that it’s solid before coming to reality TV. What else can we expect to see out of you in season 10?

QW: It’s interesting because, with the whole dating thing, you’re right. So many people want to know who Quad is dating. And I have kind of kept it under wraps for a number of reasons. First and foremost, we need to figure out what are these people actually here for. Are they going to have good intentions, or is it just someone looking for someone who slouches? So it’s dating for me is not dating like the everyday common person. It’s a lot more variables intertwining, and then, trying to intermingle them into the show could be a bit difficult, too. But if you watched thus far, I have kind of had a little flashback of a gentleman friend that I was dating. Very new. We were going to do a little cameo with him.

Another new cast member getting a lot of shine or controversy from the show is Lateasha, aka Sweet Tea. You’ve been open about your feelings about her joining the show. How did that impact your decision to interact with some women in the group who developed relationships with her, especially as some vied for her to get on the show despite knowing how complicated that could have been?

QW: I felt that a lot of my cast members couldn’t be in my shoes and walk in my shoes, and this particular situation would bring on my ex-husband and his new wife and still remain standing, poised and cool, calm and collected and graceful. In fact, I know a lot of them wouldn’t be able to do it. Jackie herself has said if she ever were to divorce Curtis, that we are not allowed to be Curtis’s friend, much less accepting someone else and accepting another woman. So, I just find it interesting that a lot of times on the show, they do things to me that they wouldn’t want done to themselves.

Because you have been on this show for so long, have a core fan base, and have established yourself within the Bravo family, you wouldn’t let somebody run you out of a house you helped build. But at the same time, did you ever consider not returning because of the unnecessary drama that Sweet Tea’s casting could have brought?

QW: Well, drama, it could be all around you, but you just have a choice to engage or disengage. And for me, this was all a strategic plan to bring this young lady and my ex on the show. Even if you go and read all of the headlines, whenever they’re in the headlines, they always still have to mention my name to it. What does it tell you? There would be no interest for them if it wasn’t for me. So, with that being said, I don’t have to engage in the drama. And as I said, I really feel that they were strategically placed on the show and wanted to utilize this young lady as a weapon and for me to evoke some form of emotion and thinking, “Oh, this is season 10, and we need the biggest drama. OK, well, we know if we do this, Quad is going to erupt, and it’s going to be good once again.” Because I decided to not engage in that type of behavior with her. Again, you’ve heard me say it before: I don’t have any animosity against her. I don’t. I am five years plus removed from my ex-husband, and I made the decision to divorce.

I knew I was up against that, and I deserved to be more financially compensated. And so I worked, along with my agent, and we were working things out contractually.

Your relationship with Dr. Heavenly has been very interesting because she has spilled a lot of tea about what she says is going on behind the scenes of the show and the personal conversations she says she’s had with you. How do you react to those types of things being revealed? I know that her YouTube channel has been a topic of contention for you and some of the other ladies on the show. 

QW: I think Heavenly does things for shock factor. She really understands television, and she understands, whether good or bad, as long as people are talking about you, and that’s what you want, you’ve hit the mark there talking about whatever she’s been saying about me. Everything that she’s ever said about me, I have proven that to be a false statement, for my sake. Her saying that I sleep with married men, or whatever she said, we know that that was false because I got a polygraph test, and we proved it. So, a lot of times, people just want to talk to be talking. And there is something to say about a person who understands TV. Now, do I like the fact that she was instrumental in bringing my ex and his new fiance or whatever on the show? I didn’t like that because she wouldn’t like if someone did that with Dr. Damon. And that’s one of the reasons why I respect Jackie so much because Jackie is open and abundantly clear that if she ever divorces Curtis, we are no longer allowed to be Curtis’ friend nor accept any woman that he brings around. 

Another thing that Dr. Heavenly said is that we will see some sit-down between you and Sweet Tea. What can you tell us about that conversation that takes place?  

QW: I think it’s going to surprise a lot of people.

There’s been a lot of discussion about the type of wife you were versus the type of wife she is to Dr. G., but there are previews of her talking about his alleged controlling ways, and he said some stuff during the show when you were married. Do you feel vindicated by that at all? Especially because there’s been much speculation around whether you were with him for the right reasons.

QW: I think, for the people who are saying, ‘Well, she didn’t really love him…’ First of all, I did love him. He was my husband. I took him as that. Every part of his life, I wanted to support him emotionally, mentally. I helped him build his practice. It’s interesting to me how people forget how I was instrumental in helping Dr. G get to where he is today. It was shown on the show. It’s kind of like they’ve forgotten about that. So, I was equally invested in my marriage and equally invested in him. Yes, it is vindicating for me now. Here, this young lady, I feel bad for her because she doesn’t know. She has no idea what she’s gotten herself into. But for me, it is a form of vindication to hear. Now, she’s echoing my sentiments in terms of his behavior, his treatment.

Outside of the show, I loved you when you were on Sister Circle. I know that the show was canceled. I enjoy seeing you in that atmosphere. I also know that you do your Cooking with Quad as well. Can you elaborate on some of your businesses and what you’re doing outside of the show?

QW: So, I’m actually currently now working on another project that I’m hoping to bring to life and share with you all. And the other thing, of course, is my seasonings, my all-new all-purpose seasoning. We’re approaching the holidays. So I think that it’s a good time to purchase.